Russia’s first public simulated nuclear strike, only 200 seconds, entire Europe is completely covered.

For the first time, Russia publicly simulated a nuclear strike against NATO. This time it completely panicked. In Russia’s simulated nuclear strike screen, it only took 200 seconds for the entire Europe to be completely covered, but the most panicked one was the United Kingdom.

 The reason is that the fighting nation directly named them this time. , Just one Sarmat can sink the whole of Britain, but is this really the case? Today we will talk about Sarmat, the king of nuclear bombs.

Not long ago, as the conflict between Da Mao and Er Mao continued, Britain rarely announced that if the situation became dangerous, Britain would launch a nuclear strike against Russia. 

This is the British nuclear threat to Russia. This time, the Russian TV station directly announced the simulated nuclear attack screen, in which Britain bore the brunt and became the first target of the fighting nation.

According to the data given by Russia, under Salmat’s attack, it only takes 202 seconds at most to reach London, and then the battle can be completely ended with one shot. 

It can be said that the deterrence of the two sides is not at the same level at all. After all, Salmat Sarmat is currently the strongest intercontinental ballistic missile in the world and is also a terrifying weapon.

 According to data records, Sarmat is almost unable to make any interception. At this point, it is equivalent to saying that with the current air defense system, there is absolutely no existence that can intercept it, so how terrifying is Salmat?

Russia once again showed its sword for the first time to announce the simulated nuclear strike screen. This time the spearhead not only went to NATO but also used the Sarmat in its hand to respond to the previous nuclear deterrence of the United Kingdom by name. 

It is said that this missile can not only sink Japan in one shot. Even the Russian radio station program said that only one missile could wipe out Britain, but is this the case? As the terrifying intercontinental missile in the world today, Sarmat has a range of 18,000 kilometers. Even more terrifying than Satan, you know, the circle of the earth is only 40,000 kilometers.

That is to say, as long as Russia arranges Sarmat, it can hit any corner of the earth. As for the power, the missile is even more terrifying. One missile has a TNT equivalent of 25 million tons, which is close to that of Hiroshima. 2,000 times, that is to say, if a Sarmat is thrown at Japan, even if it is an exaggeration to say that Japan sank, most of Japan will suffer.

Such a terrifying lethality will inevitably make other countries feel scared. As for the difficulty of interception, Sarmat’s speed has reached Mach 20.

6. This speed is absolutely impossible for any air defense and anti-missile system, let alone catch up. And Sarmat also comes with a sub-guided warhead, which can form a coverage network with one launch. Even if there are 500 interceptor bombs, it is difficult to make any response. Of course, these are just data. There are a lot of actual combat and data. Time is also two concepts.

Then some people will definitely wonder how effective Sarmat is in actual combat, and he will really use it. Sarmat is currently the world’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile and is also one of Russia’s strongest killers.

In terms of data, Sarmat can be said to be completely different from today’s weapons. Even if it is launched, it can bring disaster to a country. Not long ago, the fighting nation launched A Sarmat was successfully test-fired in the field.

In this regard, Russia stated that no air defense system could intercept it. In addition, there is related news that Sarmat will be fashioned in the near future, and it is expected to be completed this year, so some people will definitely worry. 

Since Sarmat is so powerful, and the fighting nation intends to serve him as soon as possible, will this kind of missile appear in actual combat? In fact, Russia has never said that it will use nuclear weapons in this war. On the one hand, Russia believes that its own There is no need to deploy this weapon at all.

On the other hand, the fighting nation does not have this kind of thinking. Russia has responded to this. The so-called nuclear deterrence is actually a label given to Russia by NATO. There is no need to worry about his dispatch. 

After all, before Sarmat, Russia had terrorist weapons such as Satan and Aries Yars, which could also destroy the existence of a country, but they still failed to use them because even if nuclear weapons, No matter how powerful it is, its greatest role is nuclear deterrence. Once it is used, the so-called deterrence will no longer exist, and no one can afford the result then.

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