Russia’s Ka-52 attack helicopter heavily strikes pro-Turkish Syrian rebels

Russian Ka-52 armed helicopters have begun a massive airstrike on the Idlib battlefield, the attack taking place a week ahead of schedule compared to the previously announced plan of Moscow.

Idlib is the current largest stronghold of the opposition in Syria, where it is an active area for pro-Turkish rebel groups. The Russian-Syrian coalition planned to attack this area with a limited time of early October, but Moscow suddenly ordered the country’s air force to attack a week ahead of schedule.

Observers said that after a long time of not being used in Syria, Russia has re-deployed its most powerful attack helicopters to the Idlib battlefield. The Russian side affirmed that the Ka-52 armed helicopter is capable of attacking and destroying targets from a very long distance, along with the ability to defend itself against anti-missile missiles effectively.

Facing a helicopter with strong firepower and high defence capabilities like the Ka-52, the Syrian rebels have suffered heavy losses on the Idlib battlefield. Recently, Russia and Syria announced that they would start attacking Idlib from the beginning of next month, at the same time, they asked Turkey to move its forces out of Idlib as soon as possible.

In response, Ankara affirmed that it would not withdraw its troops, ready to receive any attack from Russia or Syria. Turkey even increased its number of troops, sending more heavy weapons to the Idlib area to further strengthen military operations in this area in the future.

It resulted in the Russian-Syrian coalition launching an attack earlier than planned to prevent Turkey’s moves when it continues to intervene in Syria. The Ka-52 attack helicopter known as the “Alligator” has been deployed by Russia to Syria since 2016 taking on the role of air combat support in many operations.

This is the new and most powerful helicopter in Russia today General designer Mikheev managed to create an extremely powerful offensive “beast”, based on the best school of Soviet design while still meeting modern criteria.

Ka-52 uses a system of 2 coaxial propellers, rotating in opposite directions, making it very manoeuvrable without the need for a tail rotor. In addition, thanks to the reverse propeller system, Ka-52 can fly sideways and backwards without having to turn in the direction of flight while keeping the target in sight, to actively avoid anti-aircraft systems. of the opponent.

The fuselage of the Ka-52 helicopter is reinforced with Extensive all-around armour, which helps to protect the aircraft from large machine-gun bullets and small mechanical artillery shells.

Ka-52 is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic systems, most notably the infrared day-night reconnaissance system that helps the aircraft “see and lock the target” even in low light conditions weak.

Supporting the Samshit system is the millimeter-wave Phazotron FH-01 radar. Radar FH-01 has 2 antennas, 1 to identify aerial targets, 1 to identify targets on the ground.

Ka-52 helicopter has a modern greenhouse cockpit equipped with 4 SDM-66 multi-function display screens, image amplifier, GPS receiver, left pilot equipped. HUD display.

Each pilot has a target display device on the Topovl helmet. The Ka-52 cockpit is also equipped with a FAZOTRON radio navigation system, a navigation-attack system for NASH helicopters.

Ka-52 is also the first helicopter in the world equipped with an escape system. In an emergency, the propeller will detach from the axis of rotation, then the ejection seat Zvezda K-37-800 will activate to help the pilot exit the aircraft quickly.

Designed to destroy enemy tanks, armoured vehicles and non-armoured combat equipment, facilities and life force as well as helicopters, but when necessary the Ka-52 can do a great job scouting.

For manoeuvrability, the Ka-52 helicopter is equipped with two TB3-117 engines with a total capacity of 5,400 horsepower, helping to reach a maximum speed of 350 km / h. The flight range is 1,160 kg, the ceiling is 5,500m and the climbing speed is 12 m/s.

Ka-52 can carry up to 2.5 tons of weapons including artillery, rockets, rockets and bombs including smart bombs.

The types of Ka-52 missiles equipped include surface-to-surface missiles such as the 9K121 Vikhr and Kh-25L laser-guided and R-73 air-to-air missiles.

The ability to perform well can operate in all weather conditions, superior bulletproof, and advanced electronic systems have turned the Ka-52 into a real “beast” on the battlefield.

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