Russia’s most advanced Podlet-K1 air defence radar destroyed by Ukraine inside Russian territory

In the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine is doing many surprising things for Russia.

For the sake of military secrecy, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has no longer announced the progress of the Ukrainian army in the Kherson area. The only certainty is that the Ukrainian army has been using weapons such as “HIMARS” rocket launchers against the Russian army in the Kherson area. Important facilities such as arsenals, oil depots, and command posts have been destroyed, and intelligence personnel and guerrillas actively working behind enemy lines.

Recetly, the Ukrainian army destroyed an advanced Podlet-K1 solid-state three-coordinate air defense radar during the attack on Lazurny in the Kherson region, according to Serhii Bratchuk, spokesman for the head of the Odesa Military Administration. Radar can identify low-altitude air targets in complex situations, particularly ultra-low-altitude air targets. It is important to note that this radar’s deployment site is more than 100 kilometers from the position of the Ukrainian army.

Many pictures published by user in social media of destroyed Podlet-K1 radar. By looking at the pictures it turns out that not only was a Podlet-K1 radar destroyed in that strike in Lazurne, Kherson Oblast, but the whole Podlet-K1 system, including a command vehicle and an electric generator – both on KAMAZ chassis.

Destroyed Podlet-K1 radar system
Destroyed Podlet-K1 radar system

It is reported that the Podlet-K1 radar is currently the most advanced full-height wide-area alert search radar in Russia. It operates in the S-band and has a detection range of more than 300 kilometers. In particular, it has enhanced the ability to target low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude targets, which can effectively Find targets such as low-flying cruise missiles and drones. According to the plan of the Russian army, the Podlet-K1 radar will replace the 96L6-1 radar in the S-400 air defense system. The reason why the S-400 air defense system is so expensive is that because it contains such radar.

The Ukrainian military destroyed the most advanced air defense radar in active service of the Russian army. It was still more than 100 kilometers away from the Ukrainian army position, which was very interesting, especially when the Ukrainian side did not disclose the details. Before obtaining the “Army Tactical Missile System,” the M31 guided rocket had a maximum range of about 80 kilometers, not “HIMARS” or M270, nor the Ukrainian BM-27/30. Rocket launcher.

The maximum range of the Tochka-U short-range ballistic missile is 110 km. Still, it is possible, after all, that the Podlet-K1 radar is 100 km away from the Ukrainian position, within the striking range of the Tochka-U. However, since the outbreak of the war, the penetration rate of Dot-U in the face of the Russian air defense system has not been high. After all, this kind of ballistic missile in the Cold War era has neither terminal changeability nor interference. Decoy, this does not rule out the possibility that the Tochka-U will not destroy the most advanced radar of the Russian army. In addition, some TB2 drones with a combat radius of 150 kilometers have this possibility.

Another possibility is that the active Ukrainian sabotage groups or special forces behind enemy lines may did this by using rocket launchers, light mortars, and “switchblade” suicide drones. Earlier Ukrainian special forces showed their capabilities in the ongoing war and help to capture Snake island and  It is possible to destroy the Russian radar. The S-300 and S-400 are deployed behind the Russian army’s, and the Russian army lacks enough troops, and it is likely that there is not enough guard force to protect the S-400 air defense system. Judging from the live photos, this possibility is very high.

The Russian air defense network in the Kherson area has a short-lived but huge loophole . You must know that the protection of the S-400 air defense system is not an ordinary facility. If the Ukrainian army can seize the opportunity and tilt its firepower to the Russian military facilities within the loophole, including long-range rocket launchers, ballistic missiles and even bombs dropped by Air Force fighters , that is really a pot of Kherson’s Russian army to make better preparations for the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

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