Russia’s mysterious stealth fighter officially revealed, causing a big surprise

The clear, unclothed image of a new generation of Russian-made light stealth fighters has been “accidentally revealed” in the media.

The event that has attracted great attention from the international press in recent days is that the State Technology Corporation of the Russian Federation (Rostec) will officially launch a new generation of light stealth fighter at the Airshow. MAKS International Cosmos 2021.

Curiosity increased when the plane appeared at the taxiway of Zhukovsky airport, outside Moscow, but it was still covered with a tarpaulin for security for the unveiling on July 20.

However, the first photos of the new generation of Russian light stealth fighter aircraft in a state of unclothed were “accidentally” revealed, not excluding the possibility that this is a move to get attention.

According to what has been reported by the press, the mysterious fighter is located in a closed hangar, where it is being prepared for the launch ceremony. Vehicles painted camouflage pattern “digital” with the same color as the Su-57, the number 75 located near the cabin may indicate the fighter’s name is Su-75, although there is much information before that know this is a Su-59.

All photos show the fighter from a side angle and provide answers to some questions regarding its design. Preliminary observation, it is easy to see that the air intake cavity is located below the cockpit, the dome of the cabin is very similar to the Su-57 and is only for 1 pilot.

In addition, the trapezoidal wings are matched with the fuselage, distinguished by sharp shapes. There is no horizontal tail section, the landing gear is arranged quite neatly, but the weapon compartment is expected to be relatively small in size.

The nozzle of the only engine is hidden in the fuselage, judging from the revealed image, it is easy to see that it has a circular shape, most likely with the “heart” capable of adjusting the injection effect, this will be a fighter. capable of vertical take-off and landing similar to the F-35B.

In the hangar at Zhukovsky airport, where the vehicle is being prepared for the opening ceremony of the MAKS Exhibition 2021, several weapons samples are displayed, showing that this is a multi-role fighter that can attack both targets. ground and air targets.

Analysts say that it is very likely that the bombs and missiles that appear will be included in the arsenal of the new fighter, and will be demonstrated with it at the launch.

However, based on the level of perfection of the details, this is probably just a display model or ground test, not a full test fighter capable of taking off into the sky.

The full-featured prototype will probably only be released after a while with the first flight, but this fifth-generation light stealth fighter model has successfully completed the role. stimulate the curiosity of international military analysts.

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