S-400 missile set a record: Shoot down the Ukrainian Su-27 from 150 km away

On 25th February a Ukrainian Su-27 jet was shot down by the Russian S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile System over Kyiv. although this has not been officially confirmed.

On the second day of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russian army launched the second round of missile strikes on Ukrainian targets, which focused on capital Kyiv. But Ukrainian mobile anti-aircraft missile units hidden near Kyiv intercepted Russian missiles.

The Russian Air Force also started a counterattack against the Ukrainian. The Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile deployed in Belarus directly shoot down a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet over Kyiv at a distance of 150 kilometers and a huge meteor shower appeared over Kyiv. It created a new long-distance record for shooting down enemy aircraft in actual combat by anti-aircraft missiles.

According to sources the Su-27 pilot was famous display pilots Colonel Oleksandr Oksanchenko. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky posthumously awarded the pilot with the title of “Hero of Ukraine”, the President’s Office announced on social media on Mar. 1, 2022.

About S-400

S-400 is considered one of the most advanced and potent air defence systems in the world, S-400 Triumf has the capability to protect against almost all sorts of aerial attacks, including drones, missiles and even stealth fighter jets.

The missile system is capable of taking on practically any aerial target within a range of 400km and can “simultaneously engage 36 targets“. The S-400 has four different types of missiles and having ranges between 40 km, 100 km, 200 km and 400 km.

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