Saab will double NLAW production for the second time to 400,000 per year.

Arms manufacturers are extremely active in multiplying production, especially those that have proven their real high efficiency in battles. And the Swedish company Saab announced that it would double the production of NLAW anti-tank missile systems to 400,000 per year.

And this will be the second doubling in recent times, as evidenced by the words of Saab CEO Mikael Johansson [Micael Johansson].

“In the context of how we have doubled the capacity every year at our Swedish sites… and by 2025 we will double the capacity again, then our sites will be able to produce 400,000 NLAW units per year,” the company’s head was quoted as saying by Breaking Defense.

In this way, it is possible to estimate the company’s production capacity before the Russian invasion, which was approximately 100 thousand NLAW per year, which was increased during 2022 to 200 thousand per year, and during the next two years, should reach 400 thousand.

And such an increase in production is necessary due to the fact that there is a huge demand for these weapons not only from Great Britain and Sweden, which transferred NLAW to Ukraine but also from other customers around the world. In particular, London alone transferred 10,000 of these ATGMs to Ukraine, as Johansson noted, and signed an agreement with Saab for $280 million at the end of 2022 to replenish stocks.

At the same time, the volume of 400,000 means turning the NLAW into a real bestseller on the market because, as of 2021, this ATGM was in service with only eight countries in the world. And, most likely, Saab already has potential contracts for large lots from other countries.

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