Satellite image showing China’s brand new Shandong aircraft carrier damage

The China Shandong (CV-17) ship in the harbor was found to have weird color traces on the flight deck, which was suspected to be severely damaged, which might affect the ship’s combat functions.

From yesterday a satellite picture of Shandong aircraft carrier circulating in social media by Defence experts,  which has long been concerned about international military power, published 2 satellite photos recorded as “May 9th” today (29th), referring to “China Shandong in Port of Perth ( CV-17) The ship, several structural damages were found, and serious damage occurred on the deck, which may seriously affect the combat function of the ship.” In the photo, a large area of ​​circular shadow is especially circled, which seems to point to the damage on the flight deck.

It looks like a huge crack with parts sunk in, either due to blast, or a strong fire melted the deck inwards. Could be a deck blast, though can’t dismiss likelihood of poor aircraft landing which caused a mishap. The pilots are still learning the ropes of safe and proper landing – said by Collin Koh (an expert on naval affairs, maritime security and geopolitics in SE Asia).

However, according to some, it could be an crash landed result and came to a halt sideways with some fire leading to scorch marks or caught fire as it started afterburner for takeoff.

In fact, the Shandong ship was not notified of any patrols or exercises after it was confirmed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Spokesperson Gao Xiucheng on May 2 that it had conducted military exercises in the South China Sea. The latest message was the USS Reagan (CVN-76). )” The aircraft carrier entered the South China Sea on June 14. It was reported that the Shandong ship returned to its home port in Sanya, Hainan Island to “avoid forced collisions.”

Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong
Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong

Whatever the reasons are still not clear why the Chinese brand new aircraft carrier damaged so easily after a one year of service. The above damged show poor build quality of Chinese shipyard. It may be turn out another “paper dragon” like other Chinese products.

The Shandong was commissioned into the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on December 17, 2019, in Sanya on the island province of Hainan. Prior to being commissioned, the Shandong underwent nine sea trials over the course of 18 months. By comparison, the Liaoning, completed 10 sea trials in 13 months before being commissioned in September 2012. During construction and sea trials, the Shandong was known as the Type 001A; however, the December 2019 commissioning ceremony indicated that it is officially designated the Type 002.


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