Satellite image shows China deployed 7 Nuclear submarine to counter USA

Recently, according to a report published on “hisutton”, Google Earth’s commercial  captured the photos of  Chinese Navy’s 7 nuclear submarines at the Yulin Naval Base in Hainan, China. Judging from the time on the photo, it was taken on January 20, 2021, about 2 months ago. In addition, the nuclear submarine birth at Yulin Naval Base so its public, so these photos do not constitute a leak.

Photo of the nuclear submarine at Yulin Base taken by Google earth

From the photos taken by Google earth, 4 out of 7 nuclear submarines are attack nuclear submarines and 3 are strategic missile nuclear submarines. Attacking nuclear submarines are mainly “Jin”-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines and “Han”-class attack nuclear submarines, while strategic missile nuclear submarines are “Shang”-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines. Tstrategic missile nuclear submarines are generally bigger than attack nuclear submarines.

Chinese nuclear submarine
Strategic missile nuclear submarine and attack nuclear submarine parked next to each other

Yulin Naval Base is part of the large-scale military base of the Chinese Navy in Sanya. The entire Sanya large-scale naval base is the “base camp” of the Chinese Navy’s South China Sea Fleet. After years of construction, the current large-scale naval base in Sanya has been relatively complete. In addition to the nuclear submarine base, it is also an important aircraft carrier base and destroyer base for the South China Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy, and the H-6 bomber fleet and the J-16 in the surrounding supporting air force bases. The fleet can also go out to fight in the South China Sea at any time.

Yulin Naval Base, China
Sanya Naval Base can support the docking of various large warships including aircraft carriers

At present, the United States’ armed forces in the South China Sea are mainly the US Navy’s aircraft carrier battle group and nuclear submarine force, in addition to the long-range strategic bombers that took off from the Guam military base. Because the USS Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is stationed in Japan, the number of aircraft carriers that the U.S. Navy can call at will in the South China Sea is 2, plus the 15th nuclear submarine force deployed at the Guam military base. SO This is the complete strength of United States navy currently in the South China Sea.

us navy submarine in guam
The 15th Submarine Unit in the Guam Military Base

Currently the main strentgh of China against US aircraft carriers in the South China Sea are China’s “DF-21D” anti-ship ballistic missiles and “DF-26” anti-ship ballistic missiles. Of course, the U.S. Navy thinks so too, so it has also begun to study countermeasures against China’s anti-ship ballistic missiles. For example, according to a report in the American “Modern Diplomacy” magazine, the U.S. Navy had deployed a “Los Angeles”-class cruise missile nuclear submarine capable of carrying 154 submarine-launched “Tomahawk” cruise missiles in the South China Sea. Countering China’s anti-ship ballistic missiles. And recently after 25 years US navy started to equipped their submarines with cruise  missile.

Loading the Harpoon anti-ship missile into the USS Asheville submarine
Loading the Harpoon anti-ship missile into the USS Asheville submarine


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