How to identify soulmate using ‘Moon Phase Soulmate’ trend?
If you have a special someone with whom you’d like to try this out, here’s how you could get started:

Visit the ‘Moon phases’ website.

2. Input your birthdate and click on the corresponding date on the calendar.

3. Capture a screenshot of the displayed moon phase and adjust it as per your preferences.

4. Repeat the process for your partner’s birthdate, cropping the moon phase to the same dimensions as the first.

5. Ensure you have the ‘CapCut’ app downloaded.

6. Navigate to TikTok and search for a video featuring the soulmate trend with a CapCut template.

7. Select ‘CapCut’: Try this template, and then use the template in CapCut.

8. In CapCut, choose ‘Use’ Template.

9. In the ‘Photos’ section, select your two moon phase images and then click ‘Preview.’

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