South Korea says North Korea fired three missiles into the sea.

According to the South Korean military, three ballistic missiles were reportedly launched by North Korea into waters east of the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea reportedly launched three short-range missiles into the East Sea (commonly referred to as the Sea of Japan) on December 31, according to a statement released by South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff has stated that the launch occurred in Chunghwa County, North Hwanghae Province, North Korea, around 8 am (6 am Hanoi time), but no more information has been made public. The JCS declared, “Our military is maintaining a full readiness posture in close cooperation with the United States while boosting surveillance and vigilance.”

This launch came after the Korean military reported on the 30th that a test solid-fuel booster rocket had been successful in its mission to improve the country’s space-based surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

This year, North Korea has held a record number of missile tests, while the United States and its allies have conducted numerous large-scale drills in the region.

On December 23, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea to the east of the peninsula in what was likely its last missile test.

Yoon Suk-yeol, president of South Korea, deemed the incident “unforgivable” and ordered the military to destroy the North Korean UAV as soon as it was seen.

In response to the threat posed by North Korea, South Korea approved a project with an estimated cost of over $2.7 billion to modernize the F-15K heavy fighter.

How many F-15k does South Korea have?

South Korea operates a fleet of F-15K Slam Eagles, which are a variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft developed by Boeing. According to available information, South Korea has a total of 40 F-15K aircraft in its inventory. 

The F-15K is a multi-role fighter aircraft designed for air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, and it is equipped with a variety of advanced sensors and weapons systems. The South Korean Air Force has used the F-15K for a variety of missions, including air defense, close air support, and interdiction.

Capabilities of F-15K 

The F-15K Slam Eagle is a highly capable multirole fighter aircraft that the South Korean Air Force uses for a variety of missions. Some of its key capabilities include:

  • Air-to-air combat: The F-15K is equipped with advanced radar and air-to-air missiles, which enable it to engage and defeat other aircraft in aerial combat.
  • Air-to-ground attack: The F-15K is also equipped with a variety of air-to-ground missiles and bombs, which allow it to strike ground targets with precision.
  • Electronic warfare: The F-15K is equipped with advanced electronic warfare systems, which enable it to detect and defend against enemy radar and electronic threats.
  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR): The F-15K is equipped with sensors and cameras that allow it to gather and transmit real-time intelligence and surveillance data.
  • Self-defense: The F-15K is equipped with self-defense systems, such as radar warning receivers and chaff and flare dispensers, which help to protect it from enemy missiles and radar.


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