Spanish new active protection system which can detect ATGMs and drones

This month, the Spanish firm Indra announced the developed  of an active protection radar for armoured vehicles that can detect missiles, drones, and other projectiles.

Experience from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict shows that in modern warfare, the vulnerability of tanks and armored vehicles to precision-guided missiles, rockets and drones is largely highlighted. Although these strike weapons are low-cost and portable, but once they hit the target, they may cause heavy losses to high-value targets, so they have a certain tactical advantage. In response to this problem, Spain’s Indra Defense Electronics has launched a new active protection radar that uses advanced digital technology to protect various vehicle types, including tanks, from the increasingly diverse threats in modern conflict scenarios. The company is a global technology engineering firm serving in aerospace, defense and mobility sectors.

American M1 Abrams tanks active protection system
American M1 Abrams tanks active protection system

According to sources, the new electronically scanned radar can detect, identify and track all types of traditional types of incoming munitions, including anti-tank missiles, grenades and artillery shells, as well as new types of strikes weapons that are emerging, such as loitering munitions. After tracking, the trajectory and estimated impact time of the incoming munition, the munition can be destroyed very accurately. The system can also detect and effectively eliminate the threats posed by small reconnaissance drones flying at low speeds an low altitudes, cruising missiles loaded with explosives and waiting for targets to appear, and precision-guided weapons. It is worth mentioning that it can also detect and track new hypersonic weapons, which have a small radar cross section and are more difficult to detect.

Indra's active protection radar
Indra’s active protection radar

In addition to detection efficiency, this radar can work normally under any extreme conditions, such as severe cold and heat, high temperature and humidity, or rain and snow, and in the face of high clutter, false targets or strong electromagnetic interference in urban environments. The radar has a highly modular design and is easy to integrate in small spaces, such as tank turrets or wheeled armored vehicle weapon stations. Its small size allows it to be installed on almost any ground platform, and its radar signature is very small, making it difficult for enemies to detect.

Manuel Escalante, Indra’s Defense Sector Manager, said the introduction of this radar marked Indra’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to the real demands of new conflict conditions. Through the pioneering application of digital technologies to the development of a new generation of defense systems, which have shown excellent performance in real-world applications, they are a key factor in protecting vehicles and armored vehicles from new threats.

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