Strongest night shelling: Ukraine smashed Russian position, fired 12 German MARS II missiles in 30 second

The Latest video of the German MLRS MARS II shows the heaviest midnight shelling on the Russian Armed Forces by Ukraine Army.

The first combat use of the German MLRS MARS II in Ukraine was caught on video. Earlier a few days back there were some videos published by some users in social media, but turned out all were fake

Video footage was taken by random eyewitnesses soldiers of Ukraine of MARS missile launches, allegedly in the direction of the Kherson region. On the video frames, you can see the firing of  12 missiles, i.e., the full ammunition load of the German launcher, similar to the American M270 MLRS MLRS.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment when the German launcher launched 12 missile strikes. The fact that we are talking about a German launcher is evidenced by the high density of missiles produced, as well as a short period (unlike the Himars MLRS, launches can be carried out at a frequency of once every three seconds.). To date, if we take into account the information of the author of the published video, this is perhaps the first note of the MARS II MLRS after its delivery to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with 6 M270 MLRS launchers and 3 MARS II launchers, which is equivalent to 18 Himars MLRS launchers. At the same time, it was not previously assumed that such systems operate in the Kherson direction, which does not exclude the possibility that the Armed Forces of Ukraine pulled these weapons into the region.

On 1st August Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine announced that the German MARS II long-range multiple launch rocket systems have arrived in Ukraine.

MLRS MARS II in Ukrainian battlefield
MLRS MARS II in Ukrainian battlefield

MARS stands for Medium Artillery Rocket System and can fire missiles with different effects – such as guided missiles with GPS systems or mine ejection missiles to block off sections of terrain.

The launch batteries with a combat load of 12 missiles are mounted on tracked vehicles that can develop a speed of up to 50 km per hour. The range of the projectiles is in some cases more than 100 km.

MARS II is the third long-range artillery system supplied to Ukraine by the West, alongside the HIMARS multiple rocket launchers supplied by the US and the M270 MLRS from the UK. Mars II/MLRS-E is the Mars II rocket launch system, which is a licensed copy of the American M270 MLRS.

The German company Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann has modified the MLRS on the request of the Bundeswehr. The size and weight have been increased. The launcher consists of 12 fibreglass missile guides – two disposable boxes of 6 missiles each. All 12 missiles can be launched in 60 seconds.

The MLRS is equipped with the new EFCS (European Fire Control System) developed by Airbus Defence and Space. Depending on the type of ammunition, the missile range is 38-300 km.

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