Su-30SM2 Super Sukhoi fighter appeared in the sky for the first time

A prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter jet was first seen during a test flight.

a prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter jet with the designation Su-30SM2 Super Sukhoi was seen flying over Over Omsk.

The multi-role fighter still carries the yellow paint of the experimental aircraft, but according to the analysts, the identification marks on its fuselage show that this is the prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter.

Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced its intention to large scale modernization of the Su-30SM heavy multi-role fighter fleet, although specific information about the aforementioned ambitious program has not yet appeared.

Given the fact that an upgraded version of the Su-30SM has already entered service, analysts believe that mass production of this fighter could begin next year.

While taking into account the previous statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the upgraded version of the Su 30SM2 Super Sukhoi can be tested in Syria, where Russian weapons often undergo final evaluation before enlistment.

Going back to the past, according to many experts, although the Su-30SM is still considered one of the best fighter aircraft in the world, possessing many impressive features, it is undeniable that this fighter gradually becomes obsolete.

Because the upgrade potential of the Su 30SM is considered to be relatively large, Russia has made a landmark decision to deeply modernize the above fighter line.

Initially, the engineers planned only a minor upgrade, focusing on replacing the AL-31FP engine with the AL-41F1S from the Su-35S. However, the modernization program has since been greatly expanded.

The Su-30SM2 Super Sukhoi version will
be the standard with which all Su-30SM
fighters currently in service with the
Russian Air Force and Navy will be

In addition to the AL-41F1S engine, the aircraft also received the latest communication, data exchange, navigation and identification system. This will allow communication with the UAV and maintain a high-speed connection with the ground control station.

The Su-30SM2 variant also receives hybrid passive electronically scanned array radar system N035 Irbis-E from SU-35, which not only increases the target detection range but also allows the use of the latest weapons, including long-range air-to-air missiles and high-precision guided bombs.

According to Russian military officials, Super Sukhoi from just a good fighter of the 4+ generation will become a fighter with characteristics of the fifth generation.

the deep modernization of the
Su-30SM ensures logistical and technical
consistency in maintaining the entire fleet,
which includes the Su-35S and even the
promising Su-75 Checkmate.

In addition to serving the Russian military. India for the last few years has been looking to upgrade its mainstay Su 30MKI fighter fleet under the “Super Sukhoi” upgrade program to keep them modernized for the next 20 years.

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