Su-35 not in the list, Indonesia will go for Rafale and F-15

  • The fact that the Su-35 is not on the list of fighters purchase by Indonesia for the Air Force modernization program.
  • Rather than going for Su-35, Indonesia show interest in buying French Dassault Rafale and Used American F-15 fighter aircraft 

According to the Jakarta Post, the Indonesian Air Force’s (TNI AU) weapons procurement program until 2024 had no Russian Su-35 fighters on the list.

“Instead of the 4th generation Su-35, we are planning to buy a fighter of the same generation as the French Rafale or used US F-15. The final option has yet to be given. but all will be completed by the end of 2024, “TNI AU said in a statement.

According to this source, the Su-35 deal was difficult due to the intervention of outside forces, especially the US sanctions, making it difficult for the country’s leader to overcome.

The US factor interfering with the Su-35 deal with Indonesia was also admitted by Rosoboronexport, Russia’s General Manager, Alexander Mikheev: “We consider every event of sanctions pressure a manifestation of unfair competition. But at the same time, Russia always holds the second position in the world in arms exports and we are constantly expanding military-technical cooperation with foreign countries.

The head of the company emphasized that the factor that ensures maintaining Russia’s leading position in the world arms market is the reliability and efficiency of domestic military equipment, the favored choice of foreign customers, regardless of political pressure.

The most obvious example of unhealthy competition from the West in the arms market is the contract to supply 11 Russian Su-35 fighters to Indonesia in 2018 for $ 1.1 billion. is done because the US pressured Jakarta.

Russia always ranks second in the world in terms of arms exports, its main customers are India, China, Egypt, Algeria … In recent years, Moscow has repeatedly reported on arms sales. Gas abroad is about 15 billion USD, of which 13 billion USD is contracts signed through Rosoboronexport.

In late 2020, a senior Indonesian defense official stated: “We need to buy weapons from different countries to ensure the highest defense and combat effectiveness of the military. a supplier of weapons, in the event of an invasion war, this supplier can have a significant influence on the process and ability to protect the country.

When the military has a supply of weapons from different countries, they will have the best choice for a particular situation. In addition, with the competition, manufacturers will offer the best conditions and prices.

Each nation has its own decisions about goals, security and strategic policy. Sometimes I get to know people give some advice on these matters to Indonesia. But we only make decisions based on national interests “.

Observers said that it is possible that “national interest” mentioned by the Indonesian official is that Jakarta will buy non-Russian fighters to avoid sanctions, but also not products from the US. Therefore, the biggest opportunity right now is for French Rafale.

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