Su-57 Fighter New unique ‘Himalayas’ Electronic Warfare complex

The first squadron of Su-57 next generation heavyweight fighters is set to enter service in the Russian Air Force by the end of 2020, after the fighters were put into mass production in July 2019 with 76 ordered. According to sources Problems with the launch into mass production of Russian fifth-generation SU-57 fighters are gradually being solved.

It is known that the fighters of the first batch will be ahead of their American and Chinese competitors in their capabilities. First of all, they are laser protection systems, engines with a three-dimensional thrust vector and hypersonic Dagger missiles. Subsequently, it is planned to equip the SU-57 with laser weapons and artificial intelligence, which will allow attributing the aircraft to the sixth generation of fighters.


A free-to-air missile has been developed specifically for the SU-57, allowing it to give air advantage over other fifth-generation aircraft. This is the K-77 complex, with a range of up to 200 kilometers. From its foreign counterparts, the Russian missile differs from the increased accuracy and blocking of the ability of the enemy to evade it. No country that competes with Russia in this direction has anything like this. “Runaway” from the K-77 will not work for any of the existing fighters to date.

ut the main “chip” of the SU-57 will be the radio-electronic combat system “Himalayas”. EW systems have long been used in aviation and are an integral part to increase the survivability of combat aircraft. The Himalayas are a revolutionary breakthrough in this regard.

According to open sources, some elements of the complex have been integrated into the SU-57 since 2014. However, since then, the system has been significantly improved. The Himalayas are distributed throughout the fighter glider, including wings, which has significantly increased the range of the complex. Any of the world’s existing air-to-air missiles is guaranteed to fall within range of the Himalayas REB and be neutralized.

It is known that the low visibility of the Russian FIGHTER SU-57, inferior to the F-22 and F-35. However, with the above capabilities, the SU-57 easily outplays its potential opponents in the air.

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