Surprise: The Taliban tried to shoot down the B-52 flying fortress but failed!

International media reported that the Taliban tried to shoot down the US B-52 flying fortress during their airstrikes in Afghanistan, but were unsuccessful.

According to the latest information from our sources in Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists tried to shoot down the US B-52 flying fortress, during the bombing raids of this bomber, into the territory of Afghanistan.

This is the first time in history that the Taliban has attempted to attack this flying super fortress. Of course, the Taliban’s effort was unsuccessful, the US B-52s were not damaged after the bombing missions over Afghanistan.

multiple sources confirmed that at least one surface-to-air missile was launched at the B-52 bomber, but the missile missed.

Experts say the most likely type of missile used by the Taliban is a man-portable surface-to-air missile (MANPAD). However, this is only a low-altitude missile, hardly capable of harming strategic aircraft.

Another source said that the type of missile used by the Taliban, could be the M1097. This is a low-altitude air defense missile used by the US in Afghanistan, and most likely fell into the hands of the Taliban after the US withdrawal.

However, even with the M1097 missile, it is difficult to shoot down the B-52 bombers, simply because their range does not reach, not to mention the jamming ability of the B-52 is not trivial.

On the other hand, analysts also said that the information about the Taliban’s attempt to shoot down the B-52 flying fortress maybe just a propaganda piece of this force, during the war in Afghanistan.

In the past 48 hours, the Taliban terrorist force has captured four key positions in the territory of Afghanistan, many experts believe that with the current rate of advance, it is likely that there will be 8 more cities, falling. into the hands of the Taliban within the next 72 hours.

Earlier on August 8, the US B-52 bombers attempted to attack the Taliban, by dropping carpet bombs on key targets of this force.

US air strikes are said to have caused heavy damage to the Taliban, killing at least 200 fighters and destroying more than 100 vehicles and vehicles.

However, this damage does not seem to be able to slow the advance of the Taliban, as a series of major cities in the country continue to be rapidly “liberated” by terrorists.

The combat capability of the Afghan government troops is considered extremely weak and analysts have predicted that the Taliban will be able to return immediately after the US and NATO withdraw their troops from this battlefield. 

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