Sweden announced the supply of its most long-range self-propelled gun Archer to Ukraine.

Sweden announced its intention to transfer the Archer self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

According to Foreign Minister Tobias Bilström, Ukraine should get as many offensive weapons as possible to attack Russian troops, and Sweden should also do its part. More precisely, the number of Archer self-propelled guns transferred to Ukraine is not officially called. 

However, according to some reports, we are talking about 18 self-propelled artillery mounts of this type. Archer self-propelled guns present a particular problem because such weapons can deliver strikes at distances up to 60 kilometers, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of counter-battery weapons. 

Using these artillery installations with crews of several self-propelled guns can become an extremely big problem due to their high rate of fire – up to 12 shells of 155-mm caliber Per minute.

The timing of the supply of such weapons to Ukraine is not called. Taking into account previous cases of statements of intent to provide weapons to Ukraine and the timing of deliveries, the transfer of weapons may likely begin as early as January. However, the issue of training Ukrainian troops to use such weapons may lead to a shift in the deadlines for March of this year.

A cutting-edge artillery system, the Archer represents the future of warfare. Its development aimed to make a mobile variant of the FH 77B field howitzer that could fire at greater distances.

 Beginning in 1995, technical studies were conducted to determine the feasibility of mounting the FH 77B’s 155 mm/L52 cannon on a wheeled chassis.

The original model was designated as the FH-77 BW L52. Built on a 6×6 Volvo A25C articulated wheeled chassis. In 2003, work began on this artillery system. Early Archer prototypes were tested between 2005 and 2006.

There will be 48 artillery systems throughout Sweden and Norway (24 units each). Several additional nations have shown enthusiasm for purchasing modern artillery. In other words, it was a really promising design back then. 

In 2013, the Swedish Army received its first shipment of Archer howitzers. But that same year, Norway bowed out of the project due to financial constraints. For the time being, Sweden is the only country to use this particular type of artillery.

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