Pentagon to send “advanced air defense weapons” to Ukraine, specifically to deal with Russian suicide drone attacks

It is reported that in the middle of last month, the Russian army used a large number of drones in the continuous aerial strikes in Ukraine. There are many types of drones used by Russia on the battlefield, but “suicide” drones are mostly being used to attack Ukrainian energy facilities. After flying at low altitude … Read more

The destruction of the Ukrainian MiG-29 by a russian Geran-2 was a historic “collision”

This “collision” made history, when a Russian Geran-2 suicide UAV destroyed a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter and became a “legend”, it was the first time a UAV has knocked down a fighter aircraft. We are witnessing historic moments in military technology; Nearly two years ago, a Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacked a soldier without the … Read more

Russian Kh-31PD anti-radar missile is causing headache for Ukraine Air Defense Systems

The Kh-31PD anti-radar missile used by Russia in the special military operation to destroy Ukrainian radar stations has shown high efficiency, a source in the Russian defense industry said. The Kh-31 is originally a supersonic medium-range air-to-surface missile designed specifically for anti-ship role by the Soviet Union. This missile is capable of reaching the speed … Read more

What role is Sukhoi Su-34 “Fullback” Fighter-bomber playing in the Russia-Ukraine War?

The Sukhoi Su-34 “Fullback” is a modern all-weather supersonic medium-range fighter-bomber/strike aircraft currently being used by the Russian Armed Forces to bomb Ukrainian Army Positions. It is one of the most advanced warplane of Russia. Russian Aerospace Forces has deployed the Su-34 for conducting various different types of military operations in Ukraine since the beginning … Read more

Ukraine will soon receive four new IRIS-T air defense systems from Germany

The Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive the first batch of German-made IRIS-T short-range surface-to-air missile defense system in the next few days. The German Ministry of Defense has recently confirmed this news. The arrival of these highly-advanced air defense systems will greatly improve the overall air defense capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The … Read more

Meet these lesser-known but deadly american weapon systems that pose a huge threat to america’s enemies

There is no doubt in this statement that American-made weapon systems are the best in the world. From battle tanks to fighter aircrafts, to submarines, the USA makes the best weapon systems in the entire world. U. S. designed weapons are always of the state-of-the-art category. Also we have seen the domestic and international media … Read more

Ukraine will soon receive the Spanish Aspide Air-Defense System to counter the emerging threat of Iranian-supplied Shahed-136 drones

Iranian-supplied Shahed-136 drones are said to be completely ineffective against low-altitude air defense systems, russia is currently actively using these suicide drones for conducting strikes on Ukraine. Ukrainian Army will soon use the spanish-supplied air defense systems along with the self-propelled anti-aircraft guns as Shilka and German Gepard which have proved to be highly effective … Read more

France orders 42 F4 Standard Rafales for its airforce, what are the features of F4 Rafale?

The Ministry of Defense of France will soon order 42 units of Dassault Rafale Multirole Fighter of the F4 Standard varient. This new order will fill the capacity gap created by the sale of 24 second-hand Rafale aircrafts to Greece and Croatia. The F4 varient is said to be the latest upgraded version of the … Read more

Made-in-India Light Combat Helicopters inducted into IAF

The first batch of indigenously developed Light Combat Helicopters named as “Prachand” was inducted into the Indian Air Force on Monday in the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. The Indian made Military Helicopters induction ceremony was held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan where newly appointed Chief of Defense Staff Anil Chauhan was also present at the … Read more

How much powerful is the Russian Sukhoi SU-30SM?

Su-30SM is currently Russia’s trump card in long-range air combat. Combined with the Su-35, this is the “backbone” couple of the Russian air force. Although a good number of these aircrafta has been shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defense Systems, but still these jets are one of the most capable aircrafts of the Russian … Read more