Global Aircraft Carriers: Carrier-Based Aircraft

Carrier-based aircraft refers to the aircraft that take off and land on the aircraft carrier. Its performance determines the combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier. The more carrier-based aircraft are, the stronger their strength is. Modern carrier-based aircraft has a combat radius of more than 1,000 kilometers. They can also extend the range by refueling in … Read more

6 interesting facts about the flagship of the Russian Navy, Admiral Kuznetsov

Admiral Kuznetsov is a inactive and only aircraft carrier of the Russian Federation. The aircraft carrier is undergoing refit and modernisation process since the last five years. The Admiral Kuznetsov is serving the Russian Navy since 1995, the carrier has the maximum displacement of 58,600 tons and carry a fleet of 24 fighter aircrafts and … Read more

Meet the future aircraft carrier of the French Navy, the PA-NG

The French Navy is planning from a long time to design and develop a 2nd aircraft carrier, which can be used by France specifically when the current French aircraft carrier, the nuclear-powered Charles de Gaulle, is in its maintenance periods. The future aircraft carrier of the French Navy is known as the PA-NG. Construction of … Read more

Chinese Navy to soon equip its aircraft carriers with Hypersonic Weapons

Hypersonic Weapons are the new generation weapon systems incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. These are also known as the weapons of the future battlefield. They are known for their extremely fast speed which greatly reduces the enemy response time. Hypersonic weapons are missiles and projectiles which travel at between 5 and 25 times the speed of sound … Read more

Once at the top of the world, how strong is the British Navy now?

The British Navy was first established in the 9th century, but did not participate in naval warfare until the early 14th century. As for the modern history of the British Royal Navy, the achievements date back to the 16th century. The growth of capitalism increased the power of the British Navy. This force also contributed … Read more

India commissioned its first domestic-made and 2nd aircraft carrier “INS Vikrant”

At a ceremony in the southern state of Kerala, India  Prime Minister Narendra Modi officilay commissioned India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant, its first aircraft carrier to be constructed domestically. On 2nd September PM Narendra Modi commissioned the first indigenous aircraft carrier IAC Vikrant, the largest & most complex warship ever built in India’s … Read more

Britain’s $3.5 billion aircraft carrier breaks down just before it sets sail for drills in USA

The UK’s biggest aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, has broken down off the south coast of England after setting sail from Portsmouth Naval Base for the US on what the Royal Navy has described as a “landmark” aviation trial mission. According to reports published by the Times of India, the warship was said to … Read more

How challenging is it to convert Su-57 to a carrier-based fighter for Russia

Following the path of the United States Navy F-35C and China’s J-35, Russia has recently announced that it will develop a stealth carrier-based aircraft on the basis of the Su-57. Considering that the Su-57 is a twin-engine heavy fighter, the carrier-based version of the fighter built on the Su-57 design will be a fighter similar … Read more

US media believes that Russian built Indian Navy aircraft carrier is a total mess

INS Vikramaditya is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier and the flagship of the Indian Navy built by Russia at a cost of $2.35  billion which entered into service in 2013. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Navy had lots of equipment on its hands which it didn’t have the finances or resources to … Read more