AMCA: Asia’s most powerful fighter aircraft about to come

Advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA) is an Indian programme to develop a stealth, multirole, air superiority fighter for indian Airforce and indian navy. It is inspired by F-22 5th generation fighter jet. It is designed by Aeronautical Development Agency which is constituted under DRDO. It will be produced as joint venture between public-private i:e; DRDO, … Read more

India Could Become 4th Country to build fifth generation fighter aircraft

The Chinese PLA Air Force’s fifth-generation J-20 ‘Mighty Dragon’ is a valuable possession. Will the Chinese stealth fighters have a possible adversary right over the border now that India’s prototype of AMCA has gone into production? The Chengdu J-20 is a single-seat, multi-role stealth fighter that has been featured extensively in military parades and air … Read more

India and France will make new jet engine for 5th generation fighter

The production and the manufacturing of AMCA are expected to be under the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and the private sector. For the joint development of a 125kn engine for India’s indigenous fifth generation advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA), Defence Research and Development Organisation is expected to collaborate with French engine maker Safran. According to … Read more

India 5th generation fighter set to take off, waiting for approval

Full scale Prototype design for the twin engine fifth generation fighter aircraft AMCA has been finalized and will be sent for approval to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). India is now finally getting set to launch its most ambitious indigenous military aviation project to build a fifth-generation fighter or the advanced medium combat aircraft … Read more

Tejas MK2 and AMCA design has been frozen, First flight in 2023

The final design for the medium weight fighter (MWF) Tejas Mk2 and AMCA (Advanced medium combat aircraft) has been frozen and steel cutting of Tejas MK2 is expected to begin soon. India’s ADA (Aeronautical Developmental Agency) confirms that Tejas MK2 is going to roll out in mid of 2022 and the first flight schedule in … Read more

What happened to India’s fifth generation fighter aircraft ?

AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft) is one of those projects of HAL which is developing at a very rapid pace, something which is unusual of the “government office” nature of HAL. Due credit goes to Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) & Aircraft Research and Design Centre (ARDC) who are developing the aircraft. Before answering the question, … Read more