Russian Army is using old soviet-era 57mm anti-aircraft cannons for attacking ground targets

The 57 mm S-60 anti-aircraft guns has been retired from service since the soviet-era, but during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, this “old man” S-60 reappeared, but in the role of self-propelled artillery, on duty. It is now being used to provide ground fire support to russian army troops. Although russian army has much better and advanced … Read more

Ukraine wants better anti-aircraft systems to effectively counter the threat posed by Shahed-136 Suicide drones

The Shahed-136 suicide drone being used by Russia on the battlefield may be ineffective before the “rain of bullets” that Ukraine wants to receive. Against the Russian Army’s Shahed-136 suicide drones, the Ukrainian Armed Forces found the use of expensive air defense missile systems too wasteful, while man-portable missiles are proved as ineffective against drones. … Read more

German-supplied weapons are ready to protect Ukraine from russian suicide drones

Since the past month, the russian armed forces have rapidly increased the use of Suicide Drones to attack Ukraine. These suicide drones are causing heavy damages to Ukrainian Armed Forces. Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War, germany has been a big supplier of weapons and other associated equipments to Ukraine, germany is also one … Read more

Why the Russian Army is using 1950s era S-60 anti-aircraft cannons in Ukraine War?

The classic S-60 57mm anti-aircraft gun had to replace the role of Russia’s 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO multi-purpose anti-aircraft artillery complex on the Ukrainian Battlefield. But what are the reasons behind this? Military Analysts says that the main reason because of which the Armed Forces of Russia has to use old S-60 Anti-aircraft guns in Ukraine, is … Read more

Ukraine “is upset” with the Norwegian-supplied 35mm anti-aircraft rounds, as they are not compatible with the German Gepard anti-aircraft guns!

The Ukrainian army is having a big problem with the Gepard anti-aircraft guns that Germany has handed over as the guns are not able to fire the Norwegian-made 35mm ammunition! Countless troubles surrounds the German-supplied Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery guns supplied by Germany to the Ukrainian Army. Specifically, first after delaying the handover of these … Read more

Do anti-aircraft guns still effective for the current air defense?

Isn’t the Ak-630M, Phalanx, and other close-to-air guns one of the modern anti-aircraft guns? As the last line of defense for warships, do you think they are effective? The large-caliber anti-aircraft artillery that prevailed during World War II has now declined and was replaced by anti-aircraft missiles. Relying on artillery barrage to intercept modern jet … Read more