Meet India’s indigenously-developed Anti-Radiation Missile, the Rudram series

In the era of modern and advanced warfare, the use of cutting-edge military technologies is increasing, anti-radiation missiles is one of them, they are basically the backbone of Electronic Warfare. They are used for destroying enemy C³ systems, Command, Communication and control. In easy words, anti-radiation missiles are used in SEAD Military operation, SEAD stands … Read more

Russian Kh-31PD anti-radar missile is causing headache for Ukraine Air Defense Systems

The Kh-31PD anti-radar missile used by Russia in the special military operation to destroy Ukrainian radar stations has shown high efficiency, a source in the Russian defense industry said. The Kh-31 is originally a supersonic medium-range air-to-surface missile designed specifically for anti-ship role by the Soviet Union. This missile is capable of reaching the speed … Read more