China’s new 4th generation tank has features like a sci-fi movie!

China’s new 4th generation tank is rated “beyond the Russian Armata tank” due to its high degree of automation which allow only two people to operate it. China’s state broadcaster CCTV announced that the People’s Liberation Army will soon be equipped with 4th generation main battle tanks with superior features. Accompanying this statement is a … Read more

Indian Army ordered more kalyani M4 armoured vehicles equipped with anti-tank missiles

Keeping in mind the ongoing tension with China in Eastern Ladakh, the Army has ordered more M4 armoured vehicles from Pune-based defence company Bharat Forge of the Kalyani Group. Indian Army is also looking at the possibility of increasing calibre of the 7.62 mm gun on board to a 20 mm one with an automatic … Read more

Russia again offers its Sprut-SDM light battle tank to India

Russia will field its Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank for the Indian Army’s upcoming tender for light tanks and has submitted technical details of the same, according to an official from Rosoboronexport. Following the standoff with China in eastern Ladakh, the Indian Army is prioritising the procurement of a light tank, named ‘Zorawar’, for deployment in … Read more

Russia may soon launch its Kurganets-25 infantry tank in the Ukraine War

The Kurganets-25 is a very unique tracked 25-ton warmachine which is designed into three main variants, a armoured personnel carrier, a infantry fighting vehicle and a armoured recovery vehicle. The Kurganets-25 is developed into various models, and it will replace BMP, BMD, MT-LB and other types of tracked Soviet armored platforms currently in active service … Read more

Ukraine will receive 20 Bastion armored vehicles from France

The Bastion is a modern French armoured personnel carrier, manufactured by ACMAT. The Bastion vehicle has two main variants Bastion PATSAS and Bastion FORTRESS. These armored vehicles are intended specifically for special purpose units/special operation forces and “raids” on enemy positions. The Volvo company is completing the production of a batch of 20 Bastion (Arquus) … Read more

A Russian tank destroyed an American HMWWV armored car that was trying to break into Balakleya

A Russian tank, fired an accurate head-on shot, destroyed an American armored jeep that was trying to break into Balakleya. Attempts by the Ukrainian military from the first attempt to break into Balakliya ended with serious losses for the consolidated group of foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian military personnel. As it turned out, during an attempt … Read more