What is the difference between theoretical fire rate and combat fire rate?

According to the weapons developers calculations, most machine guns can fire at a rate of 600 rounds per minute, but in actual combat, the rate of fire is only 80 rounds per minute. So why is there such a big difference? For many military lovers, the heavy machine gun is definitely one of the weapons … Read more

Why the South Korean K-9 “Thunder” Artillery Gun has became the most popular 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzer in the world?

In this article, we will explain why the South Korean K9 155mm self-propelled howitzer has become so popular around the world and the success story of this new modern artillery system after the latest contracts that were announced for Australia and Egypt. According to Army Recognition, the K9 Thunder is a South Korean 155 mm … Read more

Meet the Russian BM-21 Rocket Launcher: one of the world’s deadliest MBRL

The BM-21 rocket is a 122mm 40-barrel self-propelled rocket artillery system developed by the former Soviet Union. The system began to be equipped with the Soviet Army Artillery Corps in 1964. At present, the artillery regiment of the motorized infantry division and the tank division has a BМ-21 rocket artillery battalion equipped with 24 systems. … Read more

Meet the Top 5 Rocket Artillery Systems in the world

Rocket artillery is a type of artillery system that uses rocket explosives as the main projectile. The use of rocket artillery dates back to medieval China where devices such as fire arrows were used (mostly used as a psychological weapon). Fire arrows were also used in multiple launch systems and transported via carts. First true … Read more

Konkurs Anti-tank Missiles in the hands of Russian tank hunting teams are delivering heavy damages to Ukraine Army

The 9M113 Konkurs anti-tank missile is currently one of Russia’s main anti-tank weapons which is being used in the conflict in Ukraine. This weapon deals a lot of damage to the enemy. The 9M113 Konkurs Anti-tank guided missile are being used by the Russian Army in very large numbers on the Ukrainian Battlefield. This weapon … Read more

How much strong is the American Hellfire Anti-tank Missile?

The AGM-114 Hellfire Air-to-surface anti-armour missile is the latest version of the multi-purpose ground missile developed by Lockheed Martin. It has a length of 163 cm and a diameter of 17.8 cm. The 49.4kg missile is equipped with a semi-active laser seeker, which can be selected in two different modes: pre-fire lock or post-fire lock … Read more

What type of Soviet weapons did Ukraine has received from Eastern European countries?

When the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, many Eastern European countries gave Ukraine back the weapons supplied by the Soviet Union in the past. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union provided many weapons to allied countries in Eastern Europe. When the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, many weapons were sent back to Ukraine by European countries. … Read more

What “equipments” will Ukraine get in the upcoming $1 billion aid package from the United States?

Reuters news agency has recently said that the upcoming US aid package to Ukraine will be worth up to $1 billion, and is the largest aid package given by Washington to Kiev. According to Reuters news agency, the administration of President Joe Biden has confirmed that the next aid package sent by the country to … Read more

Chinese army is not well trained like Indian Army : Chinese Expert

Ladakh continues to make headlines. The Galvan Valley remains tense. And India continues to be on high alert, strengthening combat positions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in order to be able to prevent any further adventures by China. In terms of territorial control, absolutely no change has occurred in the positions of the armies along the … Read more