What is the difference between theoretical fire rate and combat fire rate?

According to the weapons developers calculations, most machine guns can fire at a rate of 600 rounds per minute, but in actual combat, the rate of fire is only 80 rounds per minute. So why is there such a big difference? For many military lovers, the heavy machine gun is definitely one of the weapons … Read more

The German rifle which influenced all present assault rifles

The StG-44 was a revolutionary weapon that enhanced individual soldier firepower and influenced small arms development decades later. In the final stages of World War II, the Nazi army, although surrounded by the Allies, was able to equip a new, revolutionary assault rifle designed to make German soldiers the most powerful on the battlefield. The Sturmgewehr-44 (StG-44) … Read more

More firepower for soldiers! Indian Army to get lethal Assault Rifles

Under this deal, valued at over Rs 5000 Crores, the newly established “Indo-Russia Rifles Private Ltd”, a joint venture between the OFB- Rosoboronexport and Kalashnikov, will manufacture over 6 lakh AK- 203 Assault rifles over the next 10 years, with the transfer of technology to India. Early December 2021, on the occasion of the visit … Read more

AK-47: The Soviet Rifle That Changed Warfare Forever, 7 crore Built

A History Like No Other – The AK-47 assault weapon has made an enormous impact on armies all over the world since the end of World War II and into the modern era. It was invented by Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov and adopted into service by the Soviet Union in 1949. Kalashnikov was a soldier in World War II who developed several … Read more

Reason why India bought the Russian AK-203 not “homegrown” stuff

In August India and Russia signed a deal for the immediate off-the-shelf procurement of 70,000 latest AK-203 series of assault rifles to replace the homemade 5.56×45 mm INSAS rifle. AK-203 belongs to the AK- 200 series of assault rifles produced by the famous Russian company Kalashnikov, which is based on the design of the legendary AK-47, and to some extent … Read more