Indian Army HAL Rudra Attack Helicopter crashed in Arunachal Pradesh

A HAL Rudra Attack Helicopter of the Indian Army crashed in Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh on Friday morning killing all five army personnel on board. The Search and Rescue teams has recovered four dead bodies from the crash location. This is the second army helicopter which has crashed in Arunachal this month. Earlier … Read more

What are the capabilities of the AH-64 Apache Gunship?

The AH-64 Apache is currently the best attack helicopter in the world. This American-made warmachine is known for its destructive firepower, cutting-edge features and excellent battlefield survivability. Today, we will discuss about the capabilities of the AH-64 Apache Gunship. How powerful or capable is the Apache? Let’s understand it this way, the king of land … Read more

Made-in-India Light Combat Helicopters inducted into IAF

The first batch of indigenously developed Light Combat Helicopters named as “Prachand” was inducted into the Indian Air Force on Monday in the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. The Indian made Military Helicopters induction ceremony was held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan where newly appointed Chief of Defense Staff Anil Chauhan was also present at the … Read more

Indian Air Force to induct light combat helicopters in Jodhpur on October 3

In a major boost to ‘Make in India’ in defence sector, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is going to induct the indigenous light combat helicopter (LCH) at Jodhpur on October 3. According to ANI, In a major boost to ‘Make in India’ in defence, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is going to induct the indigenous … Read more

In 200 days more than 50 gunships were destroyed: attack helicopters are strong in firepower but weak in defence

On February 24, Russian airborne forces used the Mi-8T/Mi-17 transport helicopter to fly hundreds of kilometres directly into the Antonov airfield outside of Kyiv, Ukraine, while being protected by Ka-52 and Mi-35 helicopter gunships. The helicopter raid itself was unquestionably a success, and no other country had ever used the daring tactic of using helicopters … Read more

AW249: In the past 30 years a new gunship in the west flew for the first time

Gunships, also known as “Flying tanks” or “tank destroyers”, have extraordinary firepower and agility. However, in the past 20 years, the development process of new armed helicopters in various countries has been slow, and Western countries have not “introduced new ones” for many years, but the Italian Leonardo (parent company of AgustaWestland) AW249, which recently … Read more

How much strong is the American Hellfire Anti-tank Missile?

The AGM-114 Hellfire Air-to-surface anti-armour missile is the latest version of the multi-purpose ground missile developed by Lockheed Martin. It has a length of 163 cm and a diameter of 17.8 cm. The 49.4kg missile is equipped with a semi-active laser seeker, which can be selected in two different modes: pre-fire lock or post-fire lock … Read more

What role is the Mi-28 Gunship playing in the Russia-Ukraine War?

The Mi-28 helicopter has shown very impressive combat capabilities on the Ukrainian battlefield, the Russian pilots flying this helicopter have praised this heavily armed gunship. During the ongoing Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the Mil Mi-28 “Night Hunter” Attack Helicopter and many other russian helicopters has a lot of work to do, from providing fire … Read more

What are the features of the Ka-52 helicopter used in Russia-Ukraine conflict?

In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Ka-52 took the limelight and became the armed helicopter with the highest appearance rate. In fact, there are mainly three types of heavy armed helicopters that the Russian army used in this war. In addition to the Ka-52, there are also Mi-24 and Mi-28, but the Ka-52 mainly undertakes … Read more

Strong fire power but weak protection seems useless, in last 150 days Russia lost 31 attack helicopter

In this conflict between Russia and Ukraine, helicopters played a key role in the early stage. On February 24, the Russian Airborne Forces took Mi-8 transport helicopters and flew hundreds of kilometers under the cover of Ka-52 and Mi-35 armed helicopters. The U.S. military has never carried out the bold tactic of using helicopters to … Read more