US Air force successfully test fired ARRW hypersonic missile from B-52 bomber

On May 16, the US Air Force (USAF) revealed that it had successfully conducted a test of a hypersonic missile with a speed of 5 times the speed of sound. It is known that the test was carried out off the coast of Southern California on May 14. A Lockheed Martin-made missile flew five times the … Read more

US air force upgrading its B-52 bombers to operate more than 100 years

US air force upgrading its B-52 bombers:- The B-52H, the oldest and most useful American heavy bomber, is finally getting its new engines, after using the TF33 since entering service. The new engines are expected to lower operating costs and extend the useful life of the B-52H into the 2060s, meaning these aircraft will have … Read more