Watch: Russian Hurrican MLRS launch 29 missiles in just 11 second on Ukrainian Army

In a latest video of the 9k57 “Hurricane”LRS in 11 seconds the system fired 29 missiles in just 11 second on Ukraine armed forces In a latest video published by Russian sides shows that the true power of MLRS. The calculation of the two launchers “Hurricane” in 11 seconds fired 29 missiles, quickly destroying enemy … Read more

Watch: Three Russian BM-21 MRL destroyed by Ukraine by using M777 artillery

In a recent video published by the Ukraine side on Social media shows that Ukrainian M777 artillery units wipe out 3 Russian BM-21 Grads MLRSs. One of the many videos that circulate daily from the evolution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is what we have chosen to show you today. Essentially, it shows the … Read more