Russia’s most modern BMD-4M armored personnel destroyed by Ukraine by using TB2

Russia is deploying a large number of BMD-4M armoured vehicles in the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine, which has followed the paratroopers since February 24, 2022. BMD-4M armoured vehicles appeared on the Ukrainian Battlefield from the very first day of Russia’s special military operation on February 24. This modern armoured vehicle follows the footsteps … Read more

Russia has lost more than 10% of BMD-4M vehicles on the Ukraine battlefield

Statistics show that Russia has lost more than 10% of BMD-4M Airborne armoured infantry fighting vehicleon on the Ukrainian battlefield, such damage is quite heavy. Airborne armoured infantry fighting vehicle BMD-4M is the main line of assault armor of Russian paratroopers today, it has been used on a large scale on the Ukrainian battlefield since … Read more