Ukrainian expert explains why ‘BMPT Terminator’ failed on the Ukrainian battlefield

 The BMPT “Terminator” was not able to make a turning point on the Donbas battlefield as expected by Russia, because the Russian army still had to rely on artillery. The Russian military is said to have not been able to create the correct concept of use for the “BMPT Terminator” for a period of up … Read more

What roles do Russian BMPT Terminator playing in the Ukraine-Russia war?

Tank Support Vehicle (BMPT) Terminator of the Russian Army entered the battlefield, in mid-May, Russian BMPT Terminators have reportedly been sent into Ukraine to take part in Russia’s invasion.  According to information from the Russian press, the Russian Army has begun to send tank support vehicles (BMPT) Terminator to the battlefield in eastern Ukraine to coordinate with main … Read more

For the first time Russian Terminator-2 engage, but stuck by Ukrainian artillery

The BMPT-2 “Terminator” officially entered the war in Ukraine, the launch of this powerful weapon by Russia is said to be to create a breakthrough on the fierce battlefield that is in a tense position. The BMPT-2 “Terminator” was sent by Russia to the border with Ukraine just before the special military operation took place … Read more

Russia deployed urban fighter BMPT “Terminator” in eastern Ukraine

According to US media reports, the Russian army is currently massing troops in the eastern Ukraine region, the scale is far greater than before, from the analysis of commercial satellite photos, the mechanized column of the Russian army is gathering close to the eastern Ukrainian region, and the entire Russian army’s convoy length has reached … Read more