Russia revealed the features of the Izdeliye RF engine designed for PAK DA bombers

The Izdelie RF engine will lift the wings of Russia’s PAK DA bomber while it is being designed with many outstanding features. Russia has designed and produced several prototypes of the Izdeliye RF engine to power its upcoming PAK DA bombers, the features of which are expected to be outstanding. The above-mentioned information was published … Read more

Three military power in the race to make stealth strategic bomber

The Russian government recently announced the construction of stealth bomber prototypes with the designation PAK DA. Currently, the “three horse” race on stealth bombers between the US, Russia and China is taking place quietly, but no less fiercely; These countries all plan to operate new aircraft arrays within the next 9 years. The United States is in … Read more

The mysterious stealthy US drone makes China tremble

A mysterious stealth drone that appears to be the U.S. Air Force’s secret RQ-180 stealth spy drone has been photographed flying over the Philippines, near China, Although unarmed, it is a major threat to China’s security. According to America’s website Forbes, a recent photograph that appeared on the Internet showed an aircraft (UAV) mystery stealth … Read more