Brahmos-NG Missile to be inducted in the Indian Air Force by mid-2025

The CEO of BrahMos Aerospace, Atul Rane announced on October 18, that Brahmos-NG will start its trials in 2024. Brahmos-NG is a mini version of the BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile with several new features and a reduced load, Brahmos-NG will have same 290 km range and mach 3.5 speed but it will weigh around 1.5 … Read more

Defence ministry inks Rs 1,700 crore deal for additional BrahMos missiles for frontline warships

The defence ministry on Thursday inked a Rs 1,700 crore contract for supply of additional BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, with a strike range of 290-km, for the Navy’s frontline warships. According to recent reports published by The Times of India, the contract for the “dual role” surface-to-surface missiles, capable of both land attack and anti-ship … Read more

Russia runs out of missiles and want to buy BrahMos missile from India, will India sell?

It is unlikely that India will sell Brahmos to Russia because Delhi itself wants to earn from the export of weapons and does not want new attention from the world specially western countries. The Russian Federation wants to purchase the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, an Indian modification of the Russian Yakhont missile with better avionics … Read more

India to deliver BrahMos missile to Philippines in early 2023

According to recent reports by ANI, the first deliveries of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to the Philippines will begin in 2023, co-director of the joint Russian-Indian venture BrahMos Aerospace Alexander Maksichev said in a statement. The USD 375-million deal for the supply of BrahMos missiles to the Philippines was reached in January and is … Read more

After Philippines now Indonesia and Vietnam rush to buy Indian Brahmos missile

Talks with Indonesia are in the advanced stage for the export of the Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.  It will make Indonesia the second ASEAN country after the Philippines to import missiles from India.  Between three and four countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have … Read more

India successfully tests extended range BrahMos missile from Su-30MKI fighter

In a recent test India successfully fired a 450km range Brahmos-A supersonic cruise missile from Su-30MKI fighter aircraft. On 12th May India successfully fired the Extended Range Version of BrahMos Air Launched missile from Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft. The launch from the aircraft was as planned and the missile achieved a direct hit on the … Read more

Pakistan has nothing to deal with Indian Brahmos missile, can’t even track

India on Friday confirmed an “accidental firing of a Brahmos cruise missile” into rival Pakistan, calling it “deeply regrettable.” The unarmed BrahMos supersonic missile — a practice version — that was launched into Pakistani territory Wednesday, is understood to have been accidentally fired during an inspection at a secret satellite base of the Indian Air Force (IAF). … Read more

Why Philippines buy “Brahmos” supersonic missiles from India?

On 28th January, 2022 India’s BrahMos Aerospace and the Philippines signed a deal to export three batteries of BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile to the Philippines worth almost $375 million. It is the first export contract for the joint development of the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile between India and Russia and will pave the way for … Read more

After Brahmos Philippines preparing to buy Dhruv and Do-228 aircraft from India

After the Brahmos missile deal Philippines planning to buy at least 7 Dhruv Helicopters and 8 Do-228 aircraft from India to modernize its armed forc On 28 January Philippines signed a contract with India to buy Brahmos missile worth almost $375 million to acquire three batteries of the BrahMos cruise missile. In mid-January, Philippine Defense … Read more

Can the Philippines’ BrahMos Missiles Really Deter China?

After much chatter going back to 2019, it is finally a done deal: Earlier this month, the Philippines announced that it had inked an agreement worth $375 million to procure the Indo-Russian BrahMos anti-ship missile and its supporting assets. The mainstream argument is that the supersonic weapon will improve Manila’s anemic defense capabilities, especially as the … Read more