Ukrainian soldiers tried to sell French CAESAR howitzer to Russia for only $120,000

Russian media have reported that some Ukrainian artillerymen have tried to sell the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer for only $120,000, while the actual value of this cannon is $7 million. Currently, Kyiv has not commented on this information. Russian Avia site quoted information from the Bulgarian Military Newspaper, saying that a group of Ukrainian Soldiers has … Read more

What technology will Russia exploit from the French CAESAR howitzer?

The Caesar self-propelled howitzer of France, which aided the Ukrainian Army, was seized by the Russian Army in the Donbass battlefield and sent to the Russian weapons manufacturer Uralvagonzavod for research. Responding to the call of Ukrainian President Zelensky, Western countries have provided the Ukrainian Army with many modern weapons to resist pressure from the Russian Army. … Read more

Two French CAESAR howitzer have been captured by the Russian military

A French journalist announced the capture of the Caesar self-propelled guns transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The French self-propelled 155 mm CAESAR artillery units, handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine only a few weeks ago, have already been captured by the Russian military. With such information, the French journalist, lawyer and politician … Read more