How capable is Canadian M72 cold war era anti-armor weapon in modern warfare

Throughout the twentieth century, the Canadian Army used various weapons, from bolt-action rifles to fully automatic assault rifles, as regular infantry weapons. During World War I, artillery became a highly scientific weapon. Numerous weapons such as grenades, mines, and flame weapons were developed to aid Canadian soldiers in their battlefield duties. In the 1970s, the … Read more

Canadian sniper Wali still alive in Ukraine: “Finding me is not that easy”

The Canadian famous sniper veteran Wali was thought dead last week but has since been interviewed and was “the last to learn” of his own death. Earlier, many Russian media reported that the sniper – hailed by Western media as “the deadliest” and “a great threat” of Russia – was killed by Russian special force … Read more

Canada captured Russia’s largest military transport aircraft An-124

An-124, Russia’s largest military transport aircraft was seized at the airport of Toronto, Canada. The An-124, Russia’s largest military transport aircraft, was seized by Canadian authorities at the end of February while it was parked at Toronto’s city airport. It is known that this plane was carrying goods and equipment related to the Covid-19 epidemic from … Read more