China’s ‘most advanced’ aircraft carrier, the Fujian, will begin sea trials this year.

With the start of sea trials for the Fujian this year, China will have three aircraft carriers with cutting-edge capabilities, allowing it to work more closely to compete with the United States Navy. The Fujian is China’s largest and most sophisticated warship to date. She represents a crucial step in Xi Jinping’s plan to modernize … Read more

Chinese Navy to soon equip its aircraft carriers with Hypersonic Weapons

Hypersonic Weapons are the new generation weapon systems incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. These are also known as the weapons of the future battlefield. They are known for their extremely fast speed which greatly reduces the enemy response time. Hypersonic weapons are missiles and projectiles which travel at between 5 and 25 times the speed of sound … Read more

China is struggling to find enough trained pilots to operate fighter jets from its aircraft carriers

The Chinese Navy and its shipyards are working very hard from past some decades to make the People’s Liberation Army Navy as comparable as the United States Navy. In this process China has planned to introduce at least 5 carrier strike groups into its navy till 2030. Recently China launched its 3rd aircraft carrier named … Read more

What is the combat power of the Type 055 guided missile destroyer of the Chinese Navy?

China and the United States developed the strongest surface warships at almost the same time, but it seems that the Zumwalt-class of the United States has the wrong number of technologies and eventually became a weapons test platform. As a last resort, the United States has to change its focus on the Arleigh-Burke class and … Read more

How Chinese Navy Capabilities has increased and improved in the last 26 years?

When the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis broke out in 1996, two aircraft carrier battle groups of the United States Navy quickly approached the coast of China in an attempt of showing force. The U.S. government responded by staging the biggest display of American military might in Asia since the Vietnam War. In July 1995, USS … Read more

Chinese Navy replaces its HQ-7 defense system with HQ-10 on its Type 054 frigate

According to recent reports published by the Navy Recognition, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy has replaced its old short-range air-defense SAM HQ-7 with the new and more advanced HQ-10 launcher on the Type 54 frigate Ma’anshan. Type 054 is a class of Chinese multi-role frigates that were commissioned in the People’s Liberation Army Navy … Read more

Inside Chinese Naval Fleets: No. of ships and strength

Since 1949, when Communist China came to be, the navy has been organized into three fleets; Northern. Eastern and Southern. Back then the Chinese navy was a coastal defense force. For thousands of years China has been content to have little more than a coast guard, mainly to deal with pirates and smugglers. On only … Read more

Why The Rise Of China’s Navy Is Truly Incredible

The rise of China’s navy (PLAN) has truly been remarkable by any benchmark anyone could reasonably set. Since the dawn of ironclad navies, the world has seen at least four major, massive naval expansions from negligible foundations. In the years before World War I, both the US Navy and the Imperial German Navy expanded from … Read more

Satellite image shows Chinese and American aircraft carriers are 480 nautical miles apart

The fact that two groups of aircraft carriers of the US and China appeared at the same time in the South China Sea is supposed to act to deter each other between the two powers. Latest Satellite images published by Chinese media on September 14 show, an aircraft carrier strike group headed by the “Shandong” … Read more