Visby-class corvette: outstanding stealth performance, meet the real needs of Sweden

The Visby class is a warship in use by the Swedish Navy. It is the latest class of corvette adopted by the navy after the Göteborg and Stockholm-class corvettes. The Swedish Navy commissioned the Visby-class stealth frigate in16 September 2002. The ship is built on the basis of its small and refined advantages. It can undertake various tasks such as surface … Read more

How Israel stuffed Kolkata-class weapons into 2,000-ton hull corvette

Israel recently received the last of the four Sa’ar 6 frigates previously ordered from Germany. The Israel Defense Forces described this frigate as the core of its navy’s “defensive wall” and a “key pillar” for protecting Israel’s seas and offshore energy assets. In May 2015, Israel and Germany formally signed an order for four Saar-6 … Read more