NATO is planning to equip the Su-24M jets of Ukraine with Scalp EG/Storm Shadow missiles: Russian Media

Russian media reported that NATO is planning to equip the Scalp EG/Storm Shadow cruise missile developed by Britain/France for the Su-24M Ukraine front-line attack jets. Currently, Kiev has not commented on this information. According to recent reports published by Russian Media sites, the supply of cruise missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers … Read more

Russia will need at least five years to restore its stockpile of high-precision missiles to pre-conflict levels

Ukrainian Armed Forces believes that Russia’s arsenal of missiles, is running low, and it needs five years to restore its arsenal of high-precision missiles to pre-conflict levels. The production of missiles takes a long time, plus due to the sanctions imposed by the USA and the western countries russia is already facing difficulties in producing … Read more

How Russian cruise missiles fool Ukraine’s air defenses systems?

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War in February this year, the Russian Armed Forces has been continuously attacking Ukraine with Cruise Missiles and Loitering Munitions. Russia has the largest and capability to launch cruise missiles equipped with a wide variety of warheads, from sea, land and air. Although, Ukraine is getting proper intelligence from … Read more

How many precision-guided weapons are left in Russia?

At first, the Pentagon thought that Russia’s “Kalibr” cruise missiles would run out on march 20, and now speculates that Russia used half of its ammunition. The Pentagon reckons by 24 March Russia has fired over 1,200 missiles into Ukraine. These largely air-launched cruise missiles rely on advanced guidance systems to navigate to, and in some … Read more

AGM-158: The deadliest stealth missile, with a maximum range of 925 kilometers

It is a ghostly kicking weapon and the most advanced stealth cruise missile in the world. It not only has precision strike and stealth penetration capabilities, but also its extended-range strike range is close to 1,000 kilometers. AGM-158 can be described as long-range anti-ship missile. So what kind of performance does this missile have? The … Read more

‘Killer’ BrahMos cruise missile and India’s great ambition

After ending 2021 on a high note, India ushered in the New Year with the successful testing of the extended range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile The upgraded BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missile launched from the newly commissioned INS Visakhapatnam destroyer was successfully test-fired by the Indian navy on January 11, 2022, bringing it the country’s … Read more

Brahmos or Tomahawk anti ship missile, which one is the real threat to Chinese Navy?

Chinese media publisher Sohu recently published an article about anti ship missile of India and US. In this article the auther compared both missiles to find out which anti ship missile is a threat to PLA Navy. The BrahMos anti-ship missile is a supersonic anti-ship missile jointly developed by Russia and India, which can be … Read more

France developing deadliest air-launched cruise missile in Europe

France, as one of the world’s legally possessing nuclear weapons, has always actively worked to improve its own nuclear weapons performance, and the many nuclear weapons it has developed are very distinctive. For example, its air-launched nuclear cruise missile is a typical representative. Unlike the United States and Russia, which mainly use subsonic air-launched nuclear … Read more

The US and Japan are extremely worried about North Korean cruise missiles

On September 13, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that on September 11 , North Korea’s National Defense Science successfully conducted a test-fire of a long-range cruise missile. newly developed with a range of 1,500 km. The KCNA said that the long-range cruise missile is a strategic weapon of great significance in accomplishing the main goals … Read more

MiG-31 seen with mysterious missile, more powerful than Kinzhal?

Russia’s MiG-31 long-range interceptor fighter is likely to be equipped with a new generation attack missile that is even more powerful than the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (Dagger). The Russian Aerospace Forces’ MiG-31 Foxhound long-range interceptor was recently seen carrying a very fancy missile, never seen before. Based on images from the first test, there are many … Read more