Russian Su-27 Vs Ukrainian Su-27: Fierce Battle in Ukraine Sky

With the same aircraft, Ukraine and Russia are battling head to head. The Su-27 is being used by both sides. The Ukrainian version of the Su-27 has not been improved or modernised to the same extent as the Russian variant. To keep up with the Russian Su-27s, Ukrainian pilots must rely on their brains and … Read more

Ukraine claimed in a heated dog fight MiG-29 shot down Russian Su-35

Ukraine claimed that its Air Force had shot down an advanced Russian Su-35 fighter jet in a fierce air battle on the afternoon of Friday in the sky of the Kherson region. “On May 27, at about 2 p.m., a MiG-29 fighter jet of the Ukrainian Air Force shot down a Russian Su-35 fighter jet … Read more

Best Aerial victory? How USAF wipe out Iraqi air force without single loss

During the Gulf War between January and March 1991, USAF pilots shot down 37 Iraqi planes, including 32 fixed-wing aircraft and five helicopters. The Iraqi Air Force failed not to show up when the U.S. Attacked Iraq in 2003. It was unable to make a single sortie. There was no aerial opposition to the Allied … Read more