Battle of Donbas: Are 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers enough to counter Russia?

The battle of Donbas is considered very important for both Russia and Ukraine, will 100,000 Ukrainian troops be able to resist the attack of the Russian army? According to the latest news, after the end of the urban battle in Mariupol, the Russian Army advanced to the West and launched a large-scale siege and destruction campaign … Read more

The reason why the conflict in Donbass will be fierce in the coming time

A large-scale operation of the Russian Army in the Donbass has begun; This is Russia’s largest military operation since the Patriotic war in 1945. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not recently released information about the deployment of forces in the Donbas, but this does not mean that Russia’s offensive capabilities are “exhausted”. In … Read more

How big is the risk of a Russian-Ukrainian military conflict?

The United States and its Western allies expressed concern about the risk that Russia was about to launch a military attack on Ukraine, while Russia asserted that the United States and Ukraine deliberately escalated tensions. Russia-Ukraine relations collapsed in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea and backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.  Tensions have lasted for 7 … Read more

Is a Russian-Ukrainian military conflict possible?

The gathering of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine has raised concerns with Kiev and the United States about the risk of a military attack. What do Russia and Ukraine say about the risk of conflict? Russia denies threatening any country and insists it has the right to freely deploy forces within its territory. Russia accuses Ukraine … Read more

Mr. Putin is acting “recklessly and dangerously” with Ukraine: What should the US do to stop it?

US needs to work with its European allies to be ready to come up with a new package of sanctions if Russia carries out its next aggression against Ukraine. Once again, Russia is playing a mind game with the West and its long-standing neighbors. U.S. officials have begun to sound alarm about Russia’s significant buildup on … Read more

Ukraine Bayraktar TB2 UAV shot down by separatist

The Bayraktar TB2 Ukraine UAV was shot down for the first time by eastern separatists while it was conducting mortar fire correction, Russian media reported. A Vietnamese website published news that  “The Bayraktar TB2 Ukraine UAV shot down by eastern separatists is the most reported information by the Russian press in the past day, but … Read more

The separatists bombarded the Ukrainian army, Ukrainian brought tactical missiles

The LPR militia carried out a massive artillery fire attack on the positions of the Ukrainian Army, in response Ukraine army brought Tochka and Tochka-U tactical missiles. “The Lugansk militia units conducted a fire attack on the positions of the Ukrainian Army in the northeast of the village of Stanytsia Luganskaya, with heavy and powerful artillery fire,” Russian … Read more

Ukrainian troops face heavy loss from Separatists, deployed special units to counter

The pro-Russian separatist DPR continuously shelled the Ukrainian Army’s garrison in the village of Staromaryevka, in response, Ukraine launched the TB2 UAV into the battle. Ukrainian troops stationed near the Gorlovka area have received many attacks from the DPR militia; the villagers of Staromaryevka starting to vacate the village and will be Depopulated in the … Read more