Iran exported 15,000 drones. Inventory of the three major highlights of Iranian drones, surpassing Russia 

Recently, according to third-party media reports, an official who claimed to be an adviser to  Iran’s intelligence department said that more than 90 countries are interested in Iranian drones. One of the military powers wants to buy 15,000 drones from Iran. Iran exported 15,000 drones to military power. This certain military power has even developed … Read more

US donates 2500 HIMARS missiles to Ukraine.

New deliveries of missiles for the HIMARS MLRS for Ukraine include 2500 missiles. Against the background of the U.S. announcing ammunition deliveries for Ukrainian HIMARS systems, it became known that in 2023 Ukraine received 2500 missiles from the U.S. Officially, data on the number of missiles does not appear in the U.S. statement. However, considering … Read more

According to an official, Ukraine intends to develop drones to attack exploding Russian aerial weapons.

According to Kyiv’s minister in charge of technology, Ukraine plans to develop combat drones to attack Russian aerial weapons prone to exploding. Mykhailo Fedorov, in charge of digital transformation, said that Russia’s war in Ukraine was the first big war of the internet age. He said that the war had changed because of drones and … Read more

Suicide Drones are more effective in modern conflicts than missiles

The Ongoing Russia-Ukraine War has proved that suicide drones are more effective than expensive cruise missiles in the battlefield. With their per unit price from a few thousand dollars to the most expensive one of $150,000, suicide drones has proved their effectiveness, accuracy and quality in the Ukrainian War. Retaliatory missile attacks by the Russian … Read more

Ukraine will soon receive the Spanish Aspide Air-Defense System to counter the emerging threat of Iranian-supplied Shahed-136 drones

Iranian-supplied Shahed-136 drones are said to be completely ineffective against low-altitude air defense systems, russia is currently actively using these suicide drones for conducting strikes on Ukraine. Ukrainian Army will soon use the spanish-supplied air defense systems along with the self-propelled anti-aircraft guns as Shilka and German Gepard which have proved to be highly effective … Read more

The Vampire weapon system is about to enter the Ukrainian Battlefield

The Russian-Ukrainian battlefield is undoubtedly a testing ground for new weapons for the West, especially the United States. Few days ago, the Pentagon announced a large-scale military aid plan worth nearly 3 billion US dollars to Ukraine. Among them, a new weapon called as “Vampire” is also announced. How is this new weapon going to … Read more

Ukraine Bayraktar TB2 UAV in action against Russian ground forces

After suffering some doubts about its combat performance, the Bayraktar TB2 Ukraine UAV immediately made an impressive performance. The Bayraktar TB2 Ukraine UAV successfully destroyed a fairly large number of Russian combat vehicles, air defence system, cargo trains partly dispelling doubts about its performance after the first few days of the outbreak of the war. … Read more

In this drone era, is it still useful for countries in the world to keep so many tanks?

Drones have gotten increasingly effective as military science and technology has progressed, and they can now destroy ground armored armies. Tanks and armoured vehicles’ battlefield presence has been severely degraded. Is it still necessary for governments to keep such a large number of tanks? Will tank armoured vehicles be phased out from the battlefield over … Read more

Russia Vs. Ukraine: World may see the first real Drone war

How could what we’ve learned from the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict affect the course of fighting along the Russia-Ukraine border? If Russia invades Ukraine, one result may be a fuller understanding of the role that drones will play in high-intensity modern combat. The world will be watching, not just for the geopolitical spectacle but also for clues as to the future of … Read more

Huge 4,000 attack drones, 20,000 stock missiles of Iran

While other rich countries in the Gulf are pursuing the simple military route of “selling oil and buying weapons”, Iran which had to face heavy casualties during the war, made its own weapons Iran, which had a strategic vision and suffered from weapons and ammunition constraints during the Iran-Iraq War, has quietly been built. With … Read more