India to develop an airborne electronic warfare aircraft on the Su-30MKI platform

The Defence Research And Development Organization has started to carry out studies, for the integration of an advanced electronic warfare suite on the Su-30MKI aircraft that is considered the first step towards the development of the Airborne Electronic Aircraft. According to recent reports published by the Indian Defense Research Wing, the Combat Aircraft Systems Development … Read more

Scorpius EW system: This weapon can affect the outcome of future wars

Since the Gulf War, a large number of new electronic warfare equipment has emerged, and the electronic battlefield has increasingly become the “key hand” affecting the outcome of the war, and the performance of the electronic warfare system will directly affect the victory or defeat in the future. Recently Israeli Aerospace industry (IAI) has launched … Read more

US agree to sell most powerful electronic warfare fighter to Australia

The US State Department has agreed to sell electronic warfare aircraft EA-18G Growler worth $125 million to Australia, which will compensate for the plane that caught fire in the 2018 incident. The United States Defence Security Cooperation Agency has granted provisional approval to Australia to purchase a single unit of the EA-18G Growler aircraft. On … Read more