A F-35A of the USAF crashed at Hill Air Force Base, pilot ejected safely

A 5th-generation stealth Multi-role Fighter of the United States Air Force crashed at the north end of the runway at Hill Air Force Base. The pilot of the jet ejected safely. The pilot was later taken to a local medical center, where he was treated and released afterwards. The cause of the unfortunate incident is … Read more

Revealing the first Southeast Asian country that can own the F-35C stealth fighter

The F-35C stealth fighter is likely to soon appear in Southeast Asia when a rich country and an important US ally “keeps an eye” on it. The Singapore Air Force may stop pursuing the purchase of the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II fighter aircraft ordered, and instead be interested in the stealth marine version the … Read more

Can 65 Su-35s help the Iranian Air Force suppress the Israeli Air Force’s F-35i fighter jets?

On 4th September it was reported that Iran to buy 24 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E produced for Egypt from Russia in exchange for hundreds of armed drones. The Iranian Air Force’s fighter introduction plan, which has been tossing for several years, has finally settled. A few days ago, the Iranian Air Force Commander confirmed that it … Read more

F-35 Lightning “Stealth mode” or “Beast mode”: Which one is more dangerous?

Beast mode” is the ability for the F-35 to load up munitions on its external weapons pylons by sacrificing its stealth ability, while the Stealth Mode applies when the aircraft is flown with all its weapons stored in the internal weapon bays. The Lockheed Martin-built Joint Strike Fighter was developed to be a “multi-role” stealth … Read more

U. S. Air Force reactivates Aggressor Squadron with F-35s painted in J-20 camouflage pattern

The United States Air Force reactivated the 65th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, with F-35A stealth fighters painted in the split camouflage pattern of the Chinese J-20. According to the official website of the U.S Air Force, the 65th Aggressor Squadron has been reactivated on June 9 with a mission to recreate … Read more

Most powerful fighter in Middle east, How capable is Israeli F-35?

The Israeli air force is the most capable in the Middle East and worldwide. They operate one of the best advance upgraded fighter jets. Israel decrypts the first aerial results of F-35 fighter jets. In March last year, the Israeli military recently released a video of an Israeli F-35 fighter jet shooting down two Iranian … Read more

US F-35 have encountered Chinese J-20 over East China Sea

According to Kenneth Willsbach, commander of the US Pacific Air Forces Command, the US F-35 stealth fighter has recently “encountered” with the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter in the East China Sea. A top US Air Force (USAF) general says that Lockheed Martin F-35s have had at least one encounter with Chengdu J-20s, and that the … Read more

Germany to buys 35 F-35 stealth fighters amid intense war in Eastern Europe

Germany plans to buy up to 35 US-made F-35 fighter jets and 15 Eurofighter jets, a parliamentary source said Monday, as part of a major push to modernise the armed forces in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The F-35 jets made by Lockheed Martin would replace Germany’s decades-old Tornado fleet, according to media reports … Read more

Explained: Why the whole Europe is “crazy” for the F-35 stealth aircraft?

There are many reasons why European countries spend their money sparingly to buy F-35 stealth aircraft, despite the uncomfortable price and bad reputation. Political Reasons There are many factors that make the F-35 stealth fighter a popular favorite among European partners and US allies. On December 10, 2021, Finland announced it would purchase 64 F-35A Lighting II … Read more

What happened to US Navy F-35C that crashed and sank in the South China Sea

Video posted on social media over the weekend shows the stealth fighter that crashed on a US Navy aircraft carrier last month bursting into flames as it strikes the flight deck of the massive warship. On the 6th of February, a video circulating on social media revealed what happened to the F-35C fighter jet that crashed … Read more