How much hours of Lifespan does the engines of stealth fighters have?

This is the era of the 5th-generation stealth fighters, and these 5th-generation jets have several advantages over the fourth-generation fighters. It can be said today that, when technology is becoming more and more important in the field of military, and a country wants to dominate the world, it should equip its Air force with 5th-generation … Read more

Comparison of the 5th generation aircraft between USA, China & Russia, which aircraft is the most powerful?

Air supremacy is an important key to victory in modern warfare, and the role of fighter jets is very important. The current number of fighter aircraft equipment in China, the United States, and Russia is obvious. The United States also ranks first in the world with more than 2,000 aircraft.  Owning so many fighters seems … Read more

Turkey is developing a 5th generation jet, look how the development is going on

The Turkish state fighter TF-X will be a single-seat twin-engine next-generation fighter with stealth capabilities and new-generation avionics (based on the FX-1 concept). The plane was created due to a breakdown in cooperation between Turkey and the US on the F-35 project. Turkey, on the other hand, must first address the engine issue. The earthwork’s … Read more

Is China’s J-20 really as stealthy as advertised?

China’s J-20 stealth aircraft was easily detected by Taiwan’s air defense forces in April 2020 while trying to get close to the island. In April 2020, the press reported that China’s fifth-generation fighter J-20 was discovered near the island of Taiwan. China’s J-20 fighter is the latest innovation in the aircraft industry, a model touted as having … Read more

Why do 5th generations fighter of Korea, Turkey, China and India look like the F22?

In the era of third- and forth-generation aircraft, the aerodynamic layouts of fighters in various countries are very different, such as the light MiG-21, the MiG-23 with variable swept wings, the F-104 with short and thin wings t(hat can cut even vegetables), The F-4 that ditched the cannon, the slender Su-27, the handsome F-14, and … Read more

Only Air force in the world with all 5th generation fighter aircrafts

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has retired its last F-16 fourth generation fighters as its new 5th generation of F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters take over all combat aviation duties. The Royal Norwegian Air Force has announced its F-16 fighter jets flew their last mission on 6 January before new F-35s take over as the nation’s … Read more