Greece is upgrading its armored vehicles on a large scale: orders for hundreds of BMPs, including the latest KF-41 Lynx and the modernization of the Leopard 2A4.

The Greek Ministry of Defense has planned a fairly large-scale renewal of the ground forces by updating the fleet of BMPs and main battle tanks.  In particular, the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement with Germany regarding the supply of the latest KF41 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles, the acquisition of additional Marder 1A3s, and the modernization … Read more

There is a huge possibility Turkey and Greece could go to war

Turkish aggression affects a large number of nations. One-third of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey. It has attacked Armenians with F-16s and Special Forces. According to Iraqi officials, Turkey has already built 68 outposts on its soil, ranging in size from modest platoon-level outposts to substantial bases. Every night, the Turkish Air Force bombs Iraq. … Read more

Greece to buy MQ-9B UAV: A reply to Turkey growing aggression

According to information published by Navy Recognition on July 6, 2022, the Greek parliament has approved new arms programs, one of which is the $400 million acquisition of the Sea Guardian MQ-9B Unmanned aerial vehicle. MQ-9B Sea Guardian is the maritime-focused sibling of the revolutionary SkyGuardian remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) that has been missionized … Read more

Why Greece’s Purchase Of Rafale F3-R Fighters Is A Game Change

Rafale F3-R Fighters: Why Greece Purchased Them And What It Means for Turkey – In the middle of January, the balance in the Aegean Sea shifted as Greece received its first six Rafale F3-R fighter aircraft from France; 18 more are scheduled for delivery in the near future. Commenting on the arrival, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos … Read more