Is Tejas Mk1A real game changer for indian air force?

This was seen when the DRDO finally unveiled the Tejas Mk1A light combat aircraft, one which is completely manufactured in India, along with certain weapon systems like ASTRA BVR missiles which makes this flying machine a wonder to behold. On our 72nd republic Day India stands proud in face of its achievements of the previous … Read more

After Rafale, F-15EX fighter jet can change India’s strike capability

Recently Boeing has received a licence from the US government to offer its F-15EX fighter jet to the Indian Air Force. F-15EX fighter jet for India Boeing has received a licence from the US government to offer its F-15EX fighter jet to the Indian Air Force.Boeing will compete with Sweden’s Gripen and France’s Rafale among others for the … Read more

Su-57: India returns to buying Russian fighter jet

Aero India 2021 international exhibition was held in Bangalore, India, where 14 countries will present their weapons to picky customers from New Delhi. Among them will be Russia, which will account for more than 200 weapons out of 601 declared to participate. Undoubtedly, special attention will be drawn to the export version of our fifth-generation … Read more

Mig 35 big win in India with 5 billion USD contract?

India is likely to be the first foreign customer of the multi-purpose fighter Mig 35 as well as the Russian-made Il-112V light transport aircraft. In the framework of the International Air Show India – Aero India 2021, the Russian aircraft manufacturers and representatives of the Indian military-industrial complex reached an agreement on the signing of … Read more

Did US F21 loose from Su 30mki?

India is preparing to purchase an additional 12  Su 30mki. In early 2019 Lockheed Martin offered India a plan for the F-21 fighter, the new F-21 fighter, which is actually an upgraded version of the Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter, with the difference that it has updated its edict and radar systems, and improved its range … Read more

Indian Air Force Received Last Five AH-64E Apache Guardia Helicopters

The Indian Air Force command received the last batch of five AH-64E (I) Apache Guardian attack helicopters, which were ordered by Boeing in 2015 .In total, 22 helicopter were ordered by India. The Indian Air Force received the last batch of U.S. AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopters . The British publication Janes writes that the remaining five attack helicopters were delivered … Read more