Azerbaijan took control of Armenian Mount Buzlug and raised its flag. Is a new war about to break out?

The Armenia-Azerbaijan tensions are flaring up again. Azerbaijani troops seized control of Mount Buzlug and surrounding areas of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army occupied Mount Buzlug and hoisted the Azerbaijani flag on it. This happened after two days of relative calm in the region. As it became known, the Azerbaijani troops managed to move freely in this … Read more

Amid Iran-Azerbaijan tension, Israel brought F-35 to Azerbaijan

Two advanced Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jets have been ‘permanently stationed’ in Azerbaijan. The appearance of the Isareli F-35I Adir stealth fighter belonging to the Israeli Air Force in Azerbaijan has led to many questions that need to be answered. A pair of Israeli F-35I fifth-generation stealth fighters have arrived in Azerbaijan, report by the … Read more