Iron Dome for Ukraine? Netanyahu studies how he could arm Kyiv.

In an interview on the French channel LCI yesterday, February 5, Netanyahu indicated that his government was exploring the possibility of supplying Ukraine with an Iron Dome air defense system. However, he also noted that Israel has to review its options considering its interests in the region, based on which “Israel’s contribution can be in … Read more

Israeli “Iron Dome” became the most effective air defense system in the world, having successfully carried out 97% of interceptions

The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system has recently successfully intercepted and destroyed 97% of the rockets and missiles fired by terrorists from Gaza. Following the results of less than two days since the start of the recent conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip, it became known that more than 780 rockets and missiles … Read more

Israel successfully tests naval version of Iron Dome

The naval defense system based on Iron Dome was tested against rockets, cruise missiles, and UAVs. The “Protective Dome,” a naval defense system based on the Iron Dome air-defense system, was successfully tested for the first time on the Saar-6 Corvette INS Magen, the Defense Ministry said Monday. The Israel Navy, the Defense Ministry’s Israel Missile Defense … Read more

The US-Israel could provide super weapons to help Ukraine

Ukraine will receive Israeli-made Iron Dome missile defense systems, which will help them to create a steel shield against eastern separatists. Ukrainian authorities announced that within the framework of negotiations with the US, they could reach an important agreement in which the US and Israel will supply the country with the Iron Dome air defense missile … Read more