Armenia may replace its arsenal of russian Iskander with Indian-made Pralay ballistic missiles

Armenia may replace its arsenal of russian Iskander with Indian-made Pralay ballistic missiles. According to some news reports, Armenia has shown interest in Indian-made loitering munitions and in India’s Pralay, a canisterised tactical, surface-to-surface short-range missile. Earlier, Armenia has decided to buy Indian-made Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Systems. Previously, Armenia has placed orders for Swathi … Read more

The only Russian missile that never misses a single target in ongoing war with Ukraine

The Russian military has just released a video of the Iskander missile system firing during the operation in Ukraine and report that this missile has never missed its target. The tactical missile complex  9K720 Iskander destroys military infrastructure and key enemy targets with ease, with the highest accuracy. It can fire accurately from hundreds of … Read more

Nukes against nukes: Answer to NATO, Russia to deploy nuclear capable Iskander Missiles in Belarus to

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine War is about to tense more, and this tension is not only for Russia and Ukraine, but also for the major supporting forces outside the battlefield. With the steady advancement of the Russian army in the Donbas region, the control of Severo Donetsk has fallen in the hands of Russian army. Although … Read more

During last 70 days of Ukraine-Russia war, not a single Iskander interception was recorded

For the entire period of the Russia-Ukraine war, not a single Iskander short-range ballistic missile interception was recorded. Despite the fact that Western countries were told that Russian Iskander tactical missiles could be intercepted by standard air defense systems, it became known that in the 70 days since the start of the Russian military special … Read more

Watch Russian Iskander missile destroyed Ukraine’s air defense backbone Buk system

A Russian Iskander tactical ballistic missile destroyed a Ukrainian 9K37 Buk air defense system near Kyiv. The Russian Defense Ministry issued the latest announcement on the special military operation in Ukraine. Over the past day, the Russian armed forces have hit at least 117 military targets. The ministry also released a video showing the Russian … Read more

Iskander: The Russian Ballistic Missile Creating Chaos In Ukraine

Russia’s Iskander Missile Is Creating Terror in Ukraine: Russia has fired hundreds of short-range ballistic missiles at Ukrainian targets since the beginning of the war and Iskander missiles are playing a feature role in this bombardment. The Iskander-M was used during the 2008 war in Georgia, and they are fast and accurate. Russia has deployed them in Belarus for attacks … Read more