Iron Dome for Ukraine? Netanyahu studies how he could arm Kyiv.

In an interview on the French channel LCI yesterday, February 5, Netanyahu indicated that his government was exploring the possibility of supplying Ukraine with an Iron Dome air defense system. However, he also noted that Israel has to review its options considering its interests in the region, based on which “Israel’s contribution can be in … Read more

What cruise and ballistic missiles does Israel have, and can they destroy the Shahed-136 production plant

Israel has its own line of sea- and air-based missiles, but data on the “missile program” is mostly kept secret. An infographic is now circulating in the public domain, according to which Israel launched 28 missile strikes on military targets in Syria in 2022. At the same time, 23 strikes were carried out by aircraft, … Read more

Israel strikes Gaza Strip in retaliation for a rocket launch.

The Israeli military announced an attack on a target in the Gaza Strip hours after it announced it had intercepted rockets launched from the area. The Israeli Defense Ministry announced an “attack on the Gaza Strip” early this morning, targeting weapons and rocket manufacturing facilities of Hamas, the largest Islamist militant group in Palestine. Local … Read more

The Israeli “Air Force One” resumes its activities and completes a test flight

The Israeli version of Air Force One, which the previous government stored before entering service, completed another test flight on Monday as it sped up its commissioning. The “Zion Wing” project, which cost about NIS 750 million ($241 million) and required years to equip, was designed to be used by Israeli heads of state on … Read more

Field tests of the most technologically advanced version of the Merkava V tank started in Israel

The latest generation of Israeli main battle tank (MBT), nicknamed Barak or Merkava V (sometimes written Mk 5), begins to undergo field capability tests with the Israeli army. Currently, the Merkava V is operated by the 52nd Battalion of the 401st Iron Track Armored Brigade. The 401st Iron Track is an Armored Brigade in the 162nd Division of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which … Read more

Ukraine War has taught the USA a lesson which Israel learned 50 years ago

Based on the experience of Israel’s fourth Middle East war 50 years ago, Western military aid to Ukraine’s military may not last forever. Right from the beginning when the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out , despite declaring not to take part in the war, the US “poured more fuel on the fire”, when it donated a … Read more

Ukraine wants Israel to supply LORA Ballistic Missiles that are more-powerful than american “ATACMS”

The Arrival of Advanced American Multi Barrel Rockets Launchers such as the “HIMARS” in the Ukrainian battlefield helped the Ukrainian Armed Forces to gain several advantages over the Russian Army. Now Ukrainian Army wants a longer-range precision-guided strike weapon system in the form of American-made ATACMS tactical ballistic missile, the U.S. and Ukrainian governments are … Read more

Is it worth for Russia to exchange Su-35 for Iranian drones?

Two months ago, according to a recent report by the Reference News Network, claiming that Russia would purchase a large number of military drones from Iran and hire Iranian technicians to train the Russian military in exchange, Russia is likely to supply Iran with Su-35 fighter jets. Although both Iran and Russia denied the matter … Read more

Can 65 Su-35s help the Iranian Air Force suppress the Israeli Air Force’s F-35i fighter jets?

On 4th September it was reported that Iran to buy 24 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E produced for Egypt from Russia in exchange for hundreds of armed drones. The Iranian Air Force’s fighter introduction plan, which has been tossing for several years, has finally settled. A few days ago, the Iranian Air Force Commander confirmed that it … Read more

India-Israel Barak-8 MRSAM: The ultimate air defence system in the world, even can intercept hypersonic missiles

Israel-India Barak 8 air defense complex is considered the most modern and unique anti-aircraft weapon in the world today, with “tonnes” of features. The Barak 8 air defense system is a product of cooperation between India and Israel. This is considered the most unique and dangerous air defense complex in the world at the moment. It is … Read more