Pakistan Gets 2nd Batch Of ‘Rafale Challenger’ J-10C Fighters From China

Pakistan has received the second batch of J-10C fighters from its all-weather ally China, the country’s local media reported. According to Ashish Dangwal of the EurAsian Times, The J-10C, also known as the J-10CE, is currently the PAF’s most sophisticated platform and is seen as a rival to India’s Dassault Rafale. The Pakistani Air Force … Read more

Chinese J-10C against American F-16V: the finest single fighter aircraft competition

The US F-16 fighter jet is currently one of the world’s most numerous and widespread fixed-wing aircraft and the United States Air Force. On the other hand, the J-10 is the largest fighter aircraft in the Chinese air force in terms of numbers. Let’s see where their most advanced variants, i.e., F-16v Vs. J10c fighter … Read more

Top three primary fighter fleets of the modern Chinese Air Force

In the current payroll of the Chinese Air Force, the following three types of fighters are considered the mainstays, with the most respectable numbers and combat capabilities. J-20 First to mention the J-20 fighter. This is the only stealth fighter in the service of the Chinese Air Force at the moment. J-20 fighter is self-researched and manufactured … Read more

First for China: After 15 years China finally get J-10 fighter export order

In December 2021, Pakistan announced the purchase of 25 J-10Cs; they were projected to enter service in March 2022. China has finally gained its first export customer for jet fighters. After fifteen years of discussions and negotiations Pakistan has purchased some of the new Chinese J-10CE fighter-bombers. Technically the first Chinese made jet fighter to … Read more

Is it a “mistake” or an “opportunity” for Pakistan to buy the J-10C against the “Rafale”

According to a report by Pakistani media on December 29, the Pakistani interior minister said in a public speech to the media on the 28th that the Chinese J-10C fighter jets purchased by Pakistan will enter service as early as March 2022. However, there is no news of the purchase of the J-10C for the … Read more

Why no one is interested on Chinese J-10 fighter aircraft

In a potential dogfight with Indian fighter jets, the Chinese-supplied Pakistani JF-17 could be easily shot down. When Pakistan and China first signed a contract for the production of the JF-17 fighter jet, the deal was seen as a “groundbreaking” joint venture that could challenge India’s premier fighter jet. Although the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) already … Read more

China with a new collection of weapons copied from both the US and Russia

The Zhuhai Airshow usually takes place every two years, since 1996. This year, Beijing holds this exhibition from September 28 to October 3, where many people gather. China’s most modern weapons. China flaunted its military might in the air at the China International Aviation and Space Expo with a variety of aircraft, including many drones … Read more

Can Taiwan Mirage 2000-5 confront against the Chinese J-10 aircraft?

The French Mirage 2000 is one of the best 4th generation fighters in the world. Their combat capability is even better than the American F-16 and the Russian MiG-29 in some parameters. The five-day Han Kuang exercise began on the morning of September 13 in the eastern part of Taiwan, where the Air Self-Defense Force’s … Read more

Su-75 and J-10C: Which fighter really threatens the West most?

Until the launch of Russia’s Su-75 Checkmate fighter jet at the end of July, China’s J-10 was the only single-engine fighter in production, considered a potential competitor of the West. Most of the fighters aircraft that the Soviet Union developed from the 1970s onwards did not use a single-engine design, but were used a dual-engine concept; … Read more